Why should women train jiu jitsu?
A short film by Mark Ward.

You know you are doing something right when one of your 21 year old student’s changes his bedroom to this! All the titles in the world couldn’t compare to making a positive impression on someone’s life. #ocbjj #makingadifference

While most of the country took off for Mother’s day a small group of us got together for a great MMA and Jiu Jitsu training session under the watchful eye of UFC light heavyweight and my instructor professor Tom DeBlass first. With some competitors training for various fights and others for the world championships there are no days off. “While the world rests, we prepare…”


MMA Highlight reel of Tom DeBlass, my professor @ OCBJJ

There’s not one aspect of my life that OCBJJ and jiu jitsu haven’t improved. I will forever be in debt to OCBJJ. Not only am I blessed to have earned this belt at OCBJJ from @tomdeblass ..someone who pushes me and truly believes in me, but my friend and main training partner Jen gave me her brown belt that she put blood, sweat and tears into. Truly an honor and I could not be more thankful. #loyalty #bjj #jiujitsu #ocbjj


Training highlight of my Professor, Tom DeBlass, who is fighting November 18th.  

One of my friends and teammates, Mark Ward, made this video at our academy for the fight and did a fantastic job. :) Check it out

Me and Coach Ettari x2 after I received another stripe. Great gi class and nogi rolls tonight. Always thankful for this place. #bjj #jiujitsu #ocbjj @tom_ettari @aettari

Words cannot describe how thankful I am. To compete under the ADCC banner against a legend and be victorious is amazing. Thank you Jesus. Thank you to my teacher and my team. Babalu your name will he echoed in eternity among the true warriors to grace the sport. Team Ricardo Almeida. Team Renzo. OCBJJ. Forever. #adcc #grappling #jiujitsu #ocbjj