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fallutboy: first of all, her blog is awesome and Paige is a really rad person and her music taste is fucking awesome and I just love her.ocallaghanss: I just love her blog a lot lot lot and she’s pretty c: infinityondye: I love Ina. She’s funny and has an amazing blog and a need a laugh tag and she’s so fucking sweet and i love her.
ineedtofindmywaybacktothestart: she’s really sweet and one of the first people I followed and her blog is rad and you just have to know her.
johnoooh: the reason I cry because john fucking o’callaghan. this blog gives me chest pains. foreverrhalloweenie: because she is rad and she is so sweet and cute and I love her and her blog.
gothgirlfriend: she’s cute and her blog is great and we should totally make some SMORES! nothingelsemattersxxx: 'cause best friend. that's why. itsonnow: best friend as well. if you’re into kpop and jpop and whatever then yay this is your place to go

solongandthanksforallthegays / drunkmaine / jalexaremyhomeboys / johnosaysrawr / ohyeahitsthemaine / patstopthatkirch / johnohthemaine / calumswife / official5secondsofsummer / themainewillfindme / ocalladamn / arseluke / timetogowithjohno / themainearemyheroes / peniskirch / foreverthemaine / kennedyxcurse / unusjohn / frowninglessons / whileshefaps / themaineteens / herulds / briandisneydales / gayisnotasynonymforjalex


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