For International Women’s Day 

The effects of assault 

To be rotting from the inside out 

Nearly every woman I know as well as a handful of men have been the victims of sexual assault, and I find this an incredibly tragic reality. In my own experience, I found that I was totally stripped of many facets of my identity and that this process happened slowly over a long period of time during which I thought everything was fine. The trauma was erosive and insidious, and in order to bring myself up out of the situation, I needed to vocalize and communicate not necessarily with others but with myself.
This series is about lack of vocalization and dispelling all the shit that bottles up. It can be fucking terrifying, just as scary as putting raw pig entrails and meal worms in your mouth, but spitting it all out is so damn good.


Mama always told me not to need a man but one thing I should know is that I have the upper hand and if I do indulge in showing him my plans, the one thing he should know is I can also wear the pants with my fucking heels on looking like a real strong woman.