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"Empty Man’ - probably the most honest song I’ve ever uploaded. (also features me saying ‘love’ in the most Irish way possible). A re-blog would mean a lot x

A lil picture that came to mind when I read the GODAMAZING little side-fic that determamfidd wrote for me:D There was a bit of dialog there, just after Orla gave birth to her second child- Balin - and Wee Thorin was introduced to his baby bro. 

His eldest slunk in through the door, as though he hadn’t been listening.“He’s real little.”

“So were you, once. This is your little brother Balin. You must mind him.”

Wee Thorin gave the baby a determined look. “All right. All the time?”

Orla actually smiled and stroked Wee Thorin’s mohawk-like shock of hair. “All the time.”

And so he did. Always:D  

In here Wee Thorin is stepping on his slippers and dripping water everywhere, but to hell with it, he’s busy with his little bro:D 

oh my god Dwalin is the hardest thing to draw EVER i almost died that’s why it took so goshdarn long

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herrrroo Tumblah! so I made a friend (her name is Greta Isaac, weeeelcome Greta) and we recorded a lil’ cover of the new Bombay Bicycle Club tune :) a reblog would be beautiful!

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Here’s the music video for my new song “CLUELESS” from my first ever EP coming out in a week! 11/11 - living for it. It’s a ridiculous, trippy little video for a song I’m really quite proud of. Would really appreciate a cheeky lil’ reblog if you enjoyed :)

Orla once more:D

This time more than just a portrait - i decked her out in a proper dwarven armor. I modified the armor of the guards from the movie to accommodate her massive boobs (they don’t look that impressive here, because they’re squashed under the chest plate a bit, but the version without the plate will come on at some point:D) All of the elements on the chest plate are movable to some extent because of that:) 

I love how her proportions turned out:) 

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cover of ‘Flume’ by Bon Iver. :) a ‘reblog’ would just make this the best Wednesday of all Wednesdays ever