For those still reblogging, this raffle has official ended.

I sent ASK notes to the three winners a few minutes ago, you should see it in your inbox if you won.

Pixelart Art Raffle time!

A friend did an art raffle and it felt like a fun idea, so I’m gonna give this a shot. Only two rules I forgot to include:

1. no nudity/offensive stuff will get made, so don’t even try.

2. If you suggest something stupid like a giant t-rex, I’m gonna make it chibi and tiny. So don’t suggest intentionally awful things to draw.

With that said, winners will be randomly selected. Hope you guys enjoy this.

[click on the image for quality view]

One of these greenhaired cute dorks is not like the others; incidentally it’s the one who’s compaining and being sorta bullied.

I made this pic during last Livestream.
Tribute to the greenhaired poke charas*, because they’re pretty much unapreciated in this fandom imho >8U Don’t do that.

*(that I know and like, there might be more but I might not know them XD so sorry for that)

Raph is the name of the Chesnaught about to punch the hell out of that Garchomp. This is another one of the Characters I’ll be using in my story. 
Oh and that belt around Chesnaught is my versions of ‘Leftovers’ meant for his size. Each slot has a food bar that Raph will chomp down when ever he gets the chance, made from leftovers that are blended, mashed together and baked then stored on his belt.

Mmkay! finally done with my fan region’s protags!

Oliver, Rhonda, and Arron!

Go on a amazing journey with your pokemon on the small island region of Nevis, Where you will be able to befriend the legendary ancestor pokemon mew! You can choose between Girl, Boy && agender! Fight against rivals && the Mysterious professor Wisteria, Wild pokemon & more!

Quick pic of a concept I’ve had in my head for such a while >.<
e3e Poke-Families HCs give me all the feels lately.

Here I bring you Older!Max with Older!Bertha and Lil!Allie ( toasty-coconut and kasuria Contestshipping fanchild).

Uncle-niece-aunt bonds are so important for me ♥ They should be featured more, in every fandom! Look at these 2 bounding, hanging out all the day taking selfies and walking in the park while babysitting Allie.

Also wanted to take this chance to introduce my design for Older!Max and Older!Bertha, the lil sibs of contestshipping (and possibly their biggest shippers hah).

♥Love family boundaries!♥