Ah, look, Zul lost one of his tusks during the siege of Orgrimmar!

When they’ll travel to Draenor, Zul’dar will actually lay down his hammer in favor of being a healer - let’s be honest, he’s a bit too old for fighting the way he used to, and his leg just hurts more and more with every passing year.

Zul’s a badass troll grandpa tho. 

I also find it funny that ALL of my Horde characters, are, all in all, well… good? I mean, they’re anywhere between Lawful Good and, in worst case, with Roteye - Chaotic Neutral, but in the end they’re still all good. I mean, Takoda and Maiara are probably saints compared to most, but even Roteye, who’s generally a grumpy douchebag, will still always do the right thing in the end. I just can’t do it otherwise.