Re: Sam and Cait

I’m so confused as to why anyone feels put out by Sam and Cait. Look, I don’t generally ship real people. I’ve watched a fandom get torn apart by it before and I don’t do it. Sam and Cait are adorable together, so I shipped it. Always, in the back of my head, I knew they probably weren’t together. But they were adorable so I went with it.

So now it’s come out they’re  not together. My reaction? Cool. Okay. Sam didn’t lie to us. Cait didn’t lie to us.  They’re still insanely good friends who are obviously extremely close and very flirty. So Starz played on that a bit because you want your leads to have that kind of chemistry. And then the fans ran with it. And maybe a couple of media outlets ran with it. But it was mostly a fan-run situation. So Sam and Cait went with it.

Numerous times they’ve both said they were single (especially Cait) and numerous times little hints came out they weren’t together. I read all of those and laughed it off. Because it was fun to ship them. Because they’re two gorgeous fucking people and man, they have the kind of chemistry I’d kill for.

Them not being together doesn’t make them bad people. It doesn’t make them liars. It doesn’t make them anything. It doesn’t make us idiots either. It just means our ship didn’t come true. It happens. But it certainly doesn’t make them anything less than what they are: two great people who have given us a real gift of being the perfect Jamie and Claire.

I know it’s hard when you pour your heart and soul into a ship, and I’ll probably still them ship together because it’s fun and they’re kind of fucking adorable. But unfollowing them and calling them liars and fakes and deciding to stop watching the show…that’s a bit of an overreaction. You put yourself out there, you got burned…Sam and Cait didn’t personally do anything to you. They never said they were together. They never were photographed holding hands and making out.

Appreciate what we have here. I am. And I hope Sam and Cait continue to be adorable. Because if that’s just a friendship, then it’s the cutest friendship I’ve ever seen. 

And hey…haven’t you guys ever seen when Harry Met Sally?

5 Possible Scenarios for the AOS Spinoff

So theres a new AOS spinoff comming. So I have come up with five ideas AOS Spinoff [Don’t like it….I don’t care these are my feelings and I don’t care if yours gets hurt]

1) Mike Peterson: There has to be a good reason AOS has been so fucking HUSH HUSH about about his return. Which would actually be cool and maybe even give us a chance to get Akela Amador back in the running.

2) Inhummans: The movie isn’t coming out for another 4 years so in the meantime put it on the small screen in between

3) Grant Ward: Reason being his fans are obviously not happy he is on less but they can’t seem to find what to do with him other than put him in every couple of episodes. So to make them happy and the fans who don’t want him happy they put him on a show with a new team and shit so he can have more screentime which actually may be better for this fandom as a whole js.

4) S.T.R.I.K.E. or S.W.O.R.D.: Lance Hunter is a member in the comics while I believe Bobbi and Mack are members of S.W.O.R.D. They could be gearing up for one of the two to happen.

5) Melinda May: While I don’t believe they would do this because both Coulson and May whether you like it or not are the front runners in a addition to Skye. It could be the reason they are giving her a backstory. While I think this is the least likely of the five I still think it is possible.

this will probably be the only time I bring this up on here, just because they want it somewhat private. I’m so devastated about Andrea and what they are all going through. I guess it really is true that bad things do happen to good people. hearing that breaks my heart into a million and one pieces but I pray that Andrea fights this battle and wins. I know she will. I’m so shocked about this I don’t really know what to say, but thank you to the Swift family for putting us in your thoughts and telling us. this is obviously not good news at all, but we’re here for you Andrea, Taylor, Scott and Austin. you’re in my prayers, forever & always. I love you.

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Yeah but I mean, do you really trust everyone to do so? It's the whole good and evil thing, we have a moral perspective that puts good And bad decisions before us. Obviously many go for good, but there's still a significant amount who would most likely relish in the lack of authority and punishment and do whatever they want. Which in turn would force those who do good to band together and stop these bad people, then make sure that doesn't happen again, and here we are again with someorganization

We need people in charge who have the common sense to think of things based on empathy and morals rather than fucking bible bullshit

It’s been a year since I started EDS treatment. This is the first in a series of posts about what has changed since then - I want to show that there are a ton of things that you can try for EDS, and give some idea of what those can be like, and show what the value of being diagnosed is as I’ve heard people say it doesn’t matter because there “is nothing you can do anyway.“ Obviously I’m just one person, and every case is different, but I feel like it’s worth sharing what I’ve learned

I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in the year since I started seeing a good physical therapist for EDS. Here is a brief summary:

  • My hips/pelvis used to sublux 5-10 times a day. Now it’s more like once a week.
  • I learned that a lot of my pain was from a misaligned SI joint - and how to put it back. That means I have very little pain there anymore
  • My right ankle is missing a ligament (it must have ruptured at some point). But a couple months of taping helped my body learn the correct position and how to protect it better - it is much harder to pull the joint apart now
  • My knees are doing far better. When I started my hips were really weak, giving me poor control over my knee stability. My quads were also all knotted up, pulling the patella in weird ways. I’ve slowly been able to increase my activity level again
  • My neck has always been my biggest problem, and it’s been where I’ve seen my biggest improvement. I’ve actually been working on this about 18 months now (but still just a year with someone who knew EDS). It’s been really slow progress, but looking back I realize just how far I’ve come. At the beginning I wasn’t strong enough to sit with good posture for more than 15 seconds or so, even though I was athletic and in fairly good shape. My neck head was really far forward, and I had a small dowagers hump. I couldn’t sit and work at the computer for more than 10 minutes without excruciating pain (and I was almost always propped up or lying down anyway). It was hard to get through my choir rehearsals. Now I can sit through the entire 2.5 hour rehearsal without increased pain (most of the the time). I can work on the computer with good posture for an hour without increased pain. My pain went from about a 6 to a 4, which might not sound like much, but on my scale a 6 is pain you can’t ignore for a single second, where as a 4 you might forget about for 30 minutes if you are engaged in your work. That decrease has made all the difference.
  • In general my pain does not feel random anymore. A lot of the time new pain on top of my baseline is coming from misaligned joints I had no idea where a problem. I can put some of them back, and I can others for help with some more stubborn joints. Other pain stems from muscle spasms or knots, and I have a variety of strategies for those now too. I’ve learned that many of my joints were hypermobile that I never realized, and now I know what motions to prevent or be extra cautious with. I have so much more control now, and more understanding, and that has been good for my physical and mental health.

This process has been really up and down … process has been so slow it’s hard to perceive in real time, and some things have gotten worse before they got better. There have been times where a set back costed me months of progress, and that was really tough to swallow. But over all I’m so much stronger now, my alignment is better, my mechanics are better, and my pain is slowly following that.

A few disclaimers: first of all, every EDS case is different. Second I’ve put A LOT of time into this - PT twice a week for a year, plus me spending 15-30 minutes on my exercises 5 days a week for that duration, on top of a lot of other exercise. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to do that. We need to make this type of treatment accessible to more people. Period. We need to change the conversation from doctors saying there isn’t much they can do for us to guiding us through the myriad things we can try. And we need to make sure treatments like this are covered and affordable.

PS. The expert geneticist I saw told me it often takes a year of PT to stop getting worse, and multiple years to start seeing improvement. But if you have the patience to stick with it the pay off is so, so worth it.

ya’ll the rpc needs to get it together fr though. we need to be together on this, we need to be there for eachother. we have to. we are fucking FAMILY, basically. I WANT TO LOVE ALL OF YOU. forget the negative, nasty people that just start crap for attention. yes, if someone is being disgusting or gross, they need to be called out obviously. but here we should be nice to eachother, love eachother & be friends. i sound like a hippie or something but its the truth. so much negativity has been spewed in all sorts of directions. most of us come here to have a good time, and to you know have an outlet. but it’s not happening that way unfortunately. so, to lighten the mood reblog this & put in the tags a few things u like about the rpc honestly. does this sound cheesy? lmfao. or inbox me fun rp experiences. 

MTV Movie Awards Round-Up & Age Of Ultron Press Screening

Anyone who watched the MTV Movie Awards last night was treated to the rare but undoubtedly enjoyable sight of the core Avengers cast together. They were all in a great mood, Jeremy apparently even showered for the big day (good on you, mate) and, at least for us here at JRS, Bella Ruffalo pretty much stole the show at the blue carpet.

We will try to put together a round-up of the best videos and pictures for you asap.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Screening Tomorrow in Germany

Me, the blog owner, is lucky enough to be able to attend a press screening for AoU tomorrow and therefore, JRS will hold a Q/A session later tomorrow for any questions you might have about the film. Obviously, there are stipulations in place, meaning I won’t be able to answer EVERYTHING, but still -

Prepare your questions, should you have any, I will tell you when to send in your asks tomorrow.

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Urgent// Hi I fell asleep with my binder on and so i had it on for about 20 hours, obviously i took it off, when can i put it on again and what should I do? I am going to a queer Rainbow ball weekend this weekend and I want to be able to wear it like usual then.

Zak: I don’t know. I don’t think there is a set amount of time you need to stop wearing it before you can resume normal use. My advice would be to give yourself a good break of at least 8 hours, but that’s just my hunch and not based on anything in particular. Breathe deeply, cough to clear out your chest, stretch, and evaluate how your body feels right now. Listen to your body, make sure you can breathe, and try not to push yourself too much. That’s my two cents, but honestly I’m not expert. Most of what I know about binding safety I’ve learned from others, and I’m not a doctor. Just be careful. Any of our followers have any advice for anon?


Anticipating our move on Friday. We both stayed in this weekend to get the majority of our apartment packed up, which (I think) put us in a pretty good place for the next two days. Unsurprisingly, most of my stuff is clothes and shoes, but I tried to do a decent clear-out for donation. It’s SO HARD to get go of some things (like really cute Seven jeans that are two sizes too small [wahhh]), but I’m trying really hard.

I’m getting excited for the move refresh. Obviously we are not buying all new furniture or anything like that, but I am hoping to get a few smaller items and accessories. I’m torn between a small dining table and a desk. A desk is what we really need because he works from home sometimes, however I’d love to have the option to eat someplace that is not our kitchen island or couch- and it would be nice for entertaining. My thought process is that a table is multi-purpose- when we aren’t eating there, he can use it as a desk. But I don’t know. Thoughts? I also would love to upgrade our bookshelf. This will be a slow-ish process though considering moving is pretty expensive, and our new apartment is more expensive rent-wise. 

In other news, Frank’s been working a lot of late nights recently (like until 12:30, 1, or 2 AM), which is taking it’s toll on him. It’s tough. There were a few days recently where he worked really late, and I had to be in the office early (like 7 AM)- I felt we were passing ships in a bay. Hopefully this won’t last too much longer. I just feel like we need a few days off. We don’t have any plans whatsoever for Memorial Day, so maybe we’ll lay low and do a stay-cation. 

I’m currently in the weird place between wired and tired. I feel anxious because I’ve had a lot of caffeine, but don’t actually feel awake or motivated. So things are moving a little slowly around here. Oh well. I’ll pick up speed this afternoon.. or tomorrow :)

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What about the time Keith tried to start a business?

I know he tried to start a sushi business and a historical site once…but let’s give this a shot.

*cough cough ack phlegm gross*

You know that sayin’ “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door?” My buddy Keith took that a little too literally. So, ya know the basic principles of a mouse trap involves that snappy part that always pinches your fingers and makes ya swear for like half an hour straight? Obviously, ya gotta get rid of that, but when you do that, what the hell else do ya use ta kill the mouse? Well, Keith decided ta use one of them compressed air canisters ya use to clean out little dusty bits. Like, ya know how they used to be good for huffin’ ‘til they put chemicals in it to make it bitter? Now all I’ve got is scented markers. Gonna fetch a good price in the post-apocalyptic black market, I tell you what. Anyway, Keith decides to use one of them air canisters ta poison the mice, then use one ‘a them BIC lighters to burn the body so you don’t get that rottin’ smell. ‘Course, the man never learns anythin’ ‘bout fire, so seventy-two individual burns later—


I’m a part of a group we like to call the Farm Girls, and out little petting farm needs some help. Fluffy, as you can obviously see is an adorable little bunny who loves snuggles and is (is it obvious?) very fluffy. She recently was discovered to have a mass growing in her stomach and without the money for surgery, she’d have to be put down. I know she’s just a little bunny at some little petting farm that nobody knows, but to us and everyone who does know her, she’s a very special little animal. We’d all be heartbroken to loose her, especially if we didn’t do everything we could to help save her. She’s earned it. Without any further ramblings, we ask that anyone reading this consider donating a little bit of money to go towards her surgery. Here’s the link: 


Also, we’ve decided that in repayment for your kindness, we’d love to put together a little book (pictures included) of farm short stories, and I assure you, there is no shortage of funny, beautiful, or teary ones. Of course, Fluffy would be featured and any progress she makes. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION AND KINDNESS. 

If anything, please reblog. Thank You. 

I hate being funny

Rather, I hate being labelled as funny. People tend to put me in a box and decide that being funny is the only thing I’m good at. They think I view everything as a joke, admittedly I do find humour in almost every situation, but that’s because I don’t take life as seriously as others.

I’ve noticed a pattern for a while, people seem to laugh even before I finish a sentence because OBVIOUSLY anything Kwasi has to say has to be a joke. Friends don’t come to me as much for advice or guidance, rather I’m just used as a distraction. Helping you to forget about your mess of a life for 3, 4 hours by making jokes or telling stories and I hate it. I’ve been permanently branded as the class clown (and I have the ribbon to prove it).

I am the comedic relief in the Shakespearean tragedy called Life and I couldn’t hate it more if I tried

Too much AHS

Ok I need a break from AHS, my dream last night was a little more than uncomfortable.

My dream took place in a post apocalyptic scene. My family and I were surviving , we can hunt and plant crops . Most of us are pretty good aims , so we have a perimeter set up and rotations on watch.

My dream takes place inside the mansion we’ve taken over. It’s run down and a little beat up after the war but it’s still good.

I’m inside with my sister Anis and my cousin Monica. They’re telling me I have to help cook this time, which I’m obviously not too fond of. I put my rifle down and take off my jacket, it must be winter.

I tie up my dreads and started looking for the chicken.

I finally find one and they’re helping me to catch her, I grab the chicken by its neck and twist.

Monica laughs at me and says , be nice next time.

She grabs the chicken from me and takes it into the kitchen, I follow with Anis. She’s poking fun asking, “y como la vas a desplumar?”

I say, “what, they don’t do that themselves?”

She laughs and Monica yells out, “apurense, we gotta get this in the pot”

I’m trying to pluck off the feathers, but I’m so worthless in the kitchen.

Monica then says , sharpen the knife and try it on your finger, that’s how you know the knife is sharp.

Anis then adds, yea maybe cutting off a little and if it doesn’t hurt you know it’s ready.

I take out my machete, the one my mom brought me from El Salvador and start slicing my skin off.

Possessed I feel no pain. I cut off my middle finger and peel the skin off the thumb and index, right down to the bone.

My hand looks awful but it doesn’t hurt.

I look over to Anis and Monica and ask is this enough, they laugh and say…

“Yes Jessica, that’s enough.”

( I swear my family is going to throw me in the looney house, please not Briarcliff.)

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Pt 2. I mean, I'm really not a great conversationalist. But I think so much, and I really just don't know how to get it out most of the times. And I've never dated before either. And that one thing I'd like most is just to find someone. And obviously it wouldn't go right into that, but like, to be able to find someone who wants to be around me and that gets me, they'd get treated so well. And it'd make me so happy. But I just can't and don't trust anyone. So to start anything is just hard.

Adventure starts beyond your comfort zone! “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it” (We Built a Zoo). That quote has never ever disappointed me when put to good use! There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert but certainly embrace it instead of letting it consume you into lonely oblivion, that’s not going to be fun. And I know easier said than done but I’ve BEEN there. You gotta find your niche and in order to do that you have to be brave. And don’t be so concerned about finding a relationship, those come when they’re supposed to at the most random times and when you least expect it. Nothing good ever comes from looking for it, it just happens.

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it's me again about the on/off guy /// i haven't got a clue what it is with him, sometimes I think he's not that into it, like you said but then he'll just change and literally we will have the best of times together and he'll be hitting me up making sure I'm okay and shit, every time I try to move on I just can't bc it's always him on my mind, like I've wasted the past five years on him. I don't know what it is with us, we see other people but always end up back together somehow :/

aww :( well he obviously cares but maybe he’s not relationship material? if he makes you more unsure and sad than he makes you happy then I would try to put it behind me for good. maybe you can talk to him about it and say that you can’t deal with the way things are anymore, if nothing changes then you’re going to have to move on?

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eaymymutton gave shitty advice. nobody wins in the "silent treament". sometimes you can be a jerk without realizing it and /COMMUNICATION/ is key to a good and HEALTHY relationship. and rebound is even stupider, Daisy, you are obviously single.

Daisy gets more ass than all of us put together, to be honest. Like I said, depends on the person. Personally, I’d just cocoon and be extremely and deliberately selfish to cheer myself up. We are none of us perfect, but we are honest. - [fox]

I swear, we live in a Southern Gothic novel. Yesterday on a neighborhood walk, we met an older lady who told us that she runs a Christian organization that helps young adults in foreign countries come to our state university to study. We thought that was great, but then she said that they focus on the Middle East so that they can lure Muslims over to learn about America and Christ to “get them on our side” so they won’t hate us. (Because, obviously, all Muslims in the Middle East hate Christians and America. All of them.) She added, “We target China, too, because you know they have no ethics there. America is based on Christian values, so we have good principles and ethics here. But they don’t have that over there, so they marry multiple wives and sleep with whoever they want and put lead in children’s toys, and it doesn’t matter to them because they have no moral compass.” I almost imploded from the pressure of all of the fallacies she was regurgitating.

Taking a walk in our neighborhood is like traipsing through a landmine-riddled field of ignorant religious conservatism. *sigh*