I guess Jinyoung was talking about history and science and physics and the secrets of the universe and that’s probably why Mark was so absolutely.. -uh.. hooked.. on the subject..

Soooo, here’s an important, exciting announcement. 

My boyfriend came home today and proposed to me! We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight but I was talking about how happy the rainy weather made me and he claims that made him change his mind of when to do it.

Obviously I said yes!

We have been together a long time and technically we are practically married but there was never an official proposal or anything (we just thought other things were more important and it’s true, I wanted a ring), so I am finally officially a fiancée! 

These pictures don’t do it justice but look at the beautiful ring! Sapphires are my favorite stone and my two favorite colors are blue and silver / grey so it’s the perfect choice. 


So the weekend is passing and I still haven’t finished writing about my last saturday is Perugia. Perugia was captivating, it was just like any Italy city with cobbled streets, a little bit dirty but with every building obviously holding a world of history in every brick. One thing that I loved immediately about Perugia is that they don’t allow Pullman’s (big buses) into the city centre, so you park and take wait for it… A MONORAIL. Yes that is right, Perugia has a monorail. So damn exciting. I haven’t seen one in a while and I realised it was stupid Sydney got rid of it, really disappointing to be honest. The monorail was super cute and pretty fast, we got on at the first stop and got off the last, which gave an awesome panoramic view of Perugia. Terracotta roofs everywhere, so italian with the gentle rolling hills of Umbria in the back ground. My friend/she’s kind of also the teaching assistant later explained to me that in Italian the hills of Umbria are called Coline Dolce. Dolce being sweet, and it’s the correct term to call these types of hills like this in italian, which is really cute. I suppose in English we would say small cultivated hills? I really don’t know. Anyway we met another teacher in Perugia (his surname being Bologna which when I read the weekend program assumed we were also going to Bologna, jokes on me) and this guys is literally one of those professors you imagine. Well groomed (naturally) well articulated and just so damn smart it’s crazy. He can quote Dante. Like actually. The stuff he was talking about was fascinating, until we spent more that 70 minutes talking about a fountain. A beautiful fountain albeit. But a few of us could barely handle it. We then had lunch, we ended up going to the same restaurant as the teachers, didn’t sit with them though, but they tried to pay for our wine and we tried to pay for theirs, we all ended up paying for our own. Italian culture is cute. We then proceeded to walk (ugh) to the outskirts of the city. Which was beautiful, but like 40 minutes. We ended up in a circular church. It was not exciting. It was cold, and definitely the dullest church I’ve been in, but I suppose architecturally it was nice. Bologna thought after spending 30 minutes in the church it was okay to start pulling out Dante quotes again. It was not. Anyway we got free time afterwards, and I desperately wanted to see the church in the city centre and our teacher was cute enough to take us and explain everything to us. Although apparently the church is too lush and too superficial to be truly appreciated by those who study art history. I like it. It was a little eerie and grandiose for a church, which felt a little strange to be honest. But I still enjoyed it. We then went to the end of the main via where there was a small ferris wheel and a few of us went on it, took some awesome pics. Enjoyed it. We went around a few too many times, were cold. But having fun nevertheless. Got some Chestnuts from a street vender. Sadly they were shit. I bought a beanie because my ears were cold. Went back on the monorail to the bus to take us home. We were knackered. However, a few of us decided let’s walk up to the giant illuminated fortress at the top of Assisi. Actually turned out to be amazing. Greatly enjoyed the company. And the next morning we decided lets wake up early and go again at 7 am. Unfortunately the weather was a bit shit, rained on us on the way back. But again the view was 100% worth it. Assisi is truly incredible. I’m starting to think there isn’t a place I’ve been that I have remained indifferent. Everything amazes me, and greatest the most glorious sense of wanderlust. This is one truly amazing year. 

So I was watching the news today, and there was a report that 4 police officers were found to be incredibly racist, and nearly 1,000 cases were likely to be biased.

The negative outlook on this: If just 4 officers were racist, and that lead to 1,000 biased cases, just imagine how many cases are invalid nationally because of other racist officers (and we all know there are many of those).

The positive: Yes, we all knew these things were occurring and quite obviously before, but the fact that this was on the news, that these people are being suspended and possibly fired, and that all the cases that were potentially affected by racial bias are being surveyed and re-tried shows that things are changing, and for the better.

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I screamed reading that scottish-accent prompt. Literal screams of delight and hysterics. That was PERFECT and I wish you would gift us with more I adored Thang's utter naivity and STuff once again having to do the thinking for him I ADORE THEM please YESSS WRITE THE SMUTTY THINGS

Eeeee, I’m so glad! Okay, so, I had no idea that post was gonna gain so many notes so quickly, and I just have to laugh because we all so obviously have this thing about socttish smutty talk, it’s a strange and glorious and beautiful thing…

God, I love Stuff and Thang. Thang is such a precious little cupcake and Stuff is so long suffering and deadpan and just yes, endless joy from them, I love them oh so much =)

As for smutty things…wait and see, wait and see!

 (Oh God, I’m a big nervous wreak about it but also like so excited, but mainly nervous wreak). 

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Gah, I loved that "sneak peek" about the crew from Astral Arcana, so many nostalgic feels!!! It's wonderful so far, seriously I can't wait to see it finished and scanned <3 I have a question about copics (I agree about the fact you seem to use them so naturally! <3), which kind of paper do you use? I always have troubles in finding a slightly thick paper that allows good blendings without consuming the markers after few illustrations T.T About the artist ask meme...I choose 3, 14 and 18! :)

Haha, thank you! :D I’m SO EXCITED to finally show that properly because yes, it absolutely was giving me a million feels while I was working on it! Obviously, I need to draw more Astral Arcana things. I miss those guys :3 I’m glad you like it! Truth be told, I’ve been carrying it around in my sketchbook just so I can show it off to people when I go out. That’s not a sad thing to admit at all! Not… not at all. >_>

About the Copics. A lot of people seem to have trouble finding the right kind of paper for them, so don’t despair! I think for some it takes a lot of trial and error. Fortunately for me, it was a pretty easy hunt (or maybe I just have low standards, considering I DO use regular computer paper sometimes…). What I use more often than anything else is Strathmore bristol. I prefer the smooth surface over the vellum, because I don’t really like the texture the vellum has, but that’s largely a matter of personal choice, I think. The “standard” kind is 100 lb, but if you get a heavier one, I feel like it bleeds a little less. These are usually good enough, but for larger pieces I usually just get a big roll of the heavier bristol and it does me just fine. You might also get some mileage out of trying different kinds of cardstock.

3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.
Oh my gaaaaahd an old thing? Nooooo XD My information on this might be a little bit fudged, because when I went to college I got a new computer and transferring the files from the old one sort of re-wrote all the “created on” dates, so I’m just going by what I remember. I’m pretty certain the oldest thing I’ve got on here is from summer 2005, so… almost 10 years ago?! Good lord. That’s actually quite old, in internet time! Because I’m not totally sure of the dates for most of these things, I get to cherry-pick one that’s not totally wretched, so bear that in mind. Most of what I was doing was WAY more wretched than this terrible piece of fluff. 

Oh wait! Oh my, no, I may be lying… I think I actually have something OLDER than that!! I smashed together a bunch of files for an improvement meme once upon a time, so, uh… here! Have three terrible pictures dating from about summer 2000! Before you judge… bear in mind this is before I was even in high school. I was like 13 or 14 at the time. My seeing/fine motor skills left something to be desired. (Also, angels, because some things don’t ever change.) 

14. What do you like drawing the most?
Well after seeing that last thing, I think the answer is pretty obviously ANGELS. :P Actually no, possibly not. Human figures in general, usually of a somewhat idealized variety. I do like wings. So uh… maybe angels actually is the right answer here, lol. I like drawing my own characters ad nauseum; I like drawing historical costumes and fantasy costumes inspired by historical costumes (to the point that I think my historical costume love may be some kind of recursive loop); I like drawing big hair. Most of my drawing loves are admittedly purely fatuous. But going back to the angels thing, sort of: I do have a huge, huge soft spot for religious iconography, so sometimes I end up incorporating halo-type elements or prayer and blessing poses and hand gestures without really thinking about it too hard. And sometimes I do it on purpose. It’s a little weird because most of what I want to draw that way is my characters, so sometimes it ends up being a strange confluence of iconography plus… my own brain bunnies? >_> I feel like there may be something to be said here about idolatry or narcissism or personal archetypes, but I’ll leave that to the armchair psychologists out there.

18. What is your purpose for drawing?
Oh, this is such a good question. I’ve asked it to almost everyone because I always want to know… but after thinking about it for myself, I guess I don’t really have a concrete answer, because “why I do this” seems to change daily (which is the case of a lot of my art points of view, in case you hadn’t picked up on the theme). My relationship to art/drawing can be described as being, in most cases, “almost there but not quite”. Other artists talk about their work being a kind of purgative, the process some grand catharsis that lets them release their anger or pain. Some of them tear themselves apart about it, trying to dig down to the root of why they do it and what they want to express, and are proud and happy to work themselves to the point of personal obliteration. Some of them just have really good ideas that they want to release into the world. I admire these people, and I want my art to be all of those things… but ultimately I don’t know whether it is. What I really want is that ideal of a joyous, ecstatic, ascetic act of creation, but I’m rarely able to get outside my own head about it and really throw myself into anything the way it requires. Deep down, I’m afraid my relationship with art is something of a trifle or a dalliance, something I can get out of before I sink into it too much. That isn’t what I want. I want that kind of deep relationship with my work that other people describe, but I don’t really know how to get there, because the second I start trying to do things like “let go of technique” or “explore deeper ideas”, I just end up creating crap that I’m not happy with and that nobody else likes either. I’m a little worried that there actually isn’t any more to me or my work than what’s self-evident already, that in spite of living the life of “a creative”, I’m really not very creative at all. I don’t exactly play my cards close to the vest; maybe I’m already expressing all I have express, and it actually doesn’t go any deeper than that?

Blah, I’m prevaricating here and not actually answering anything. I guess the answer I most frequently give when people ask me why I’m an artist is “because there didn’t seem to be any other choice”. I know a lot of us feel the same way. When I eventually learned that “what do you want to be when you grow up?” actually was just a prettier way of asking “how do you want to sell your time until you’re able to retire?”, the only prospective career option to survive that transition was art. I never really envisioned doing anything else seriously. I love to write, but I can’t take criticism about it because it feels too personal in a way that absorbing criticism about my art doesn’t; I love music and singing, but I lack the dedication. Art was a thing that I could do, and nothing else seemed to present itself as a viable alternative. I do love doing it, which I guess is the only answer one really needs. I like looking at beautiful things, and so I like making things that suit what I like to look at.

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Rachel isn't the only character they've screwed over. I know your upset, and it sucks and all that, and I do agree to a certain extent, but there are so many of the other characters that have also been screwed over and stuffed up...

Okay but not even gonna lie Rachel is the only one I truly care about in the end.

Okay, not true, I care about San as well and I’m furious that Santana ended up with Brittany but I saw that coming. I was getting excited with the direction they were going with with Rachel. Yes, angry about her choosing NYADA, but being with Jesse who will obviously push her to get back on the stage is important and amazing. I thought that when they did the jump, we’d have Rachel excited about being a mother and working on projects and things of that nature but, no. 

I’m allowed to be angry about this.

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please keep reblogging/posting GOT <3333333 it's almost time for season 5 and i'm so fucking excited! i assume you love it just as much as i do. the books are amazing too


I am so glad to meet a fan!

I am too excited for the new season and it’s all I can think about obviously lol, I haven’t read the books but I want to and I’ll be purchasing them very soon!

My thoughts are stuffed with images and words from the series it’s borderline obsession I can promise you that, I know some things from the ASOIAF books though how far are you with them?

Did you hear that Jon might possibly be the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen?

For the people getting salty about what I said about Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker. 

First of all, I’m in my 30s, I’ve literally followed Undertaker’s career since day one, as it actually happened, not by DVDs or WWE Network. When I was 10, he was one of my favorites. 

But here’s the thing, I’m not 10 anymore. I have all due respect for Undertaker obviously. But I lost interest in him a long time ago, yes, those people exist. And also there are people that don’t care for Wyatt either. He’s 27 years old fighting a 50 year old man with the wear and tear of a 70 year old man. 

If you’re excited about the match, great, good on you. You’re supposed to be. But I’m not, and I know I’m not the only one. 


Here’s my rant!

I’ve been thinking about this tattoo that I wanna get for ages …Like I’m talking years. I’ve never gotten it done mainly cuz of fear ,not pain wise but commitment issues ,self esteem issues, and a million other things that have prevented me from making the decision to get it done.

For the most part I wasn’t planning on telling anyone, but as it dawned on me that yes I’m getting it I started to get more excited and when I’m excited I tell the world lol.First person to know obviously was my best friend and she had the perfect response and was even excited for me to get it done and even proceeded to ask me like where I’m planning to get it and of what ,and even was excited and stoked for me to get it cuz its  a perfect representation of me.

I also looked at it as an experience we would both have together, I mean I was there when she got hers done and although she didn’t need me there it was cool that she included me as something that was gonna be there forever.
The tattoo itself means a whole lot to me because its commemorating in a way how I’ve overcome something intense that only I could get out of myself. It’s the combining idea of no longer self doubting myself to a point of harm and the idea that your dreams come true as long as you believe in them and take steps to make them happen.

The fact that when I mentioned it to a group of my close friends over dinner conversation and immediately got shut down and criticized actually really pissed me off. Like maybe I’m overly sensitive and take things too hard but srsly?!

First of all if the first thing you say to me “what if it gets infected!” as if I haven’t taken every detail into consideration. Then going on to say “you can’t have it exposed to the sun!” (Gee thanks for the tip Einstein as if I had no idea -_-)You guys kind of burst my bubble, I really just should have kept my mouth shut and not said anything .
For the record I’m not changing my mind and eventhough now I’m once again second guessing what I should do, I’m getting it done for me It just sucks that instead of asking me about why I’m getting it done? Or what it means to me? Or anything for that matter, they just all jump to negative conclusions.
Rant Over!