Let’s say it’s leap year, let’s say Sherlock hasn’t returned yet from the dead, let’s say Tom and Molly haven’t gotten engaged yet. Let’s say encouraged by her friends Molly decides she should do it. Let’s say Tom’s supposed to pick her up at her work. Let’s say Molly’s nervous and speaks too quickly when she thinks he’s walking in. Let’s say the man who she just asked to marry her steps out from the shadow - is Sherlock (you never expected that) and he says ‘Yes’.

Let’s say someone writes it. 

  • Co-worker:Cool phone case. Spider-Man is my all time favourite.
  • Me:Oh yeah?
  • Co- worker:Yeah, I still read a load of the comics, I'm a massive nerd about it.
  • Me:Awesome! Who do you think the female-led spinoff is going to be based on? I'm betting on Jessica Drew or Mayday.
  • Co-Worker:Oh totally Jessica. I'm well up for a Cat Woman movie.
  • Me:... Cat Woman?
  • Co-worker:Yeah.
  • Me:As in Cat Woman from the DC Universe?
  • Co-worker:Oh, I know who you mean...
  • Me:Black Cat?
  • Co-Worker:Yeah that's who I meant.
  • Me:Jessica Drew was Spider Woman, not Black Cat.
  • Co-worker:No Jessica Drew was Black Cat. You're probably just too young to remember.
  • Me:I'm old enough to remember that Black Cat is Felicia Hardy.

…even if you were too small to understand why.

I have recently reached a personal follower milestone so I thought as a thank you I’d share some things I’ve picked up over the years. So here you go:

a post full of helpful tricks & tips & tutorials & resources; pretty much anything that you need to become a boss at Photoshop!

Content of this post:

1) Getting started with Photoshop: General information
2) Let’s get down to business: Tutorials
3) Get your shit together: List of Resources
4) Don’t forget

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favourite felicity smoak moments from s2

dean as the owner of a 24 hour diner, and he prides himself on the homemade pie that comes from recipes passed down by his mama and his grandma

cas as the writer with insomnia that always comes in between 2-5am looking all rumpled and grumpy and downright adorable

(and dean VOLUNTARILY starts taking the graveyard shifts that no one ever wants quite possibly just to see this customer whatever it’s no big deal)


'To celebrate #psychthemusical I am starting the biggest Twitter project attempted by someone 6'8” wearing sandals :  the 100 days 100 tidbits'  -Steve Franks (part I)