Ok, this is my first one of these, so don’t judge:


·    post the rules

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Now that’s done with, these are the questions from imaginariumgeographica:

1. What is the name of your biography? and what is on the cover?

The name would be something like, I’m Nerdy and I Know It with a huge pixeled pair of glasses on a white background

2. What are your feelings on pirates?

I think that they are really quite awesome, what with the i-don’t-care attitudes and their own laws on ships and everything, but ninjas are a close second.

3. What is the perfect song to jam out to?It changes every week (whoops), but right now I have just discovered Imagine Dragons, so it’s “It’s Time”. Others have been “The Song that Never Was” by Imogen Heap and “One of Our Submarines” by Thomas Dolby.

4. And on that topic…Jam or butter on toast? Or something else?

Butter on raw bread. Especially if the bread is fresh and the butter is the expensive kind from magical Irish cows.

5. If you were the founder of a colony on Mars, what would you call it?

I would either call it something in Latin, like “Nova Terra”, or Ares, to be classically cute and all.

6. If there was a vote of all the English speaking countries to change all spelling to phonetic (i.e. fuhnetik), would you vote to?

YES. It would make things SO much easier. I think the Korean alphabet is phonetic, and it’s the easiest language to learn and read, so they must be doing something right.

7. How many bookshelves do you have? And probably more telling, how many do you need?

I have one that is almost the length of one wall with two shelves, but those are crammed full of MY books. I share some books with my sister, who has to small bookshelves in her room. The den in my house holds the rest for the whole family, and those are floor-to-ceiling shelves. Annnnnd we need at least another one of those ;)

8. (This question is very self-serving but…) What, in your opinion, is the best/sexiest smartphone?

I have a Droid, and I like it a lot better than the iPhone when I’ve used my friends’. The only bad thing is many apps are made specifically for the iPhone, so Droid-users are left out often.

9. Do your socks represent the myriad colours of your soul, or are you a more twenty-pairs-of-white-ankle-socks person?

I have many colorful running socks, and a few neon ones, so I guess the myriad colors of my soul works.

10. Do you read hardcovers with or without dust-jackets? Or do you prefer paperback? Or ebooks?

I take off the dust jackets; I like the look better and the dust jackets flop around when I’m reading them and may get ruined. Paperbacks feel too delicate to me, like I’ll break their spines any moment. Ebooks: meh. I prefer real ones.

11. If you could be a ship (and by ship I mean boat but also spaceship) what type/which specific one would you be?

I would be the Nautilus because it was an engineering feat and withstood many battles. Plus, I would get to explore the ocean floor and be alone with nature. Also, Captain Nemo’s pretty cool J


My questions:

1.       What nail polish color would you be (and the name too)?

2.       What is your favorite black and white movie (if you haven’t seen one, you favorite oldest movie)?

3.       What is your favorite poem?

4.       In the movie Dead Poets’ Society, a character tells his class to “find their verse in the powerful play that is the world”. What is your verse?

5.       Mint hot chocolate or caramel hot chocolate?

6.       Who is your favorite sentient animal character from all the books you have ever read?

7.       Which flower do you not like at all?

8.       What smell makes you think of home?

9.       Do you find falling asleep to rain comforting or annoying?

10.    What would you name your band?

11.    What is your dream job in any book you have read? (i.e Shadowhunter, magician, Minister of Silly Walks…)

(i apologize for the wacky formatting)