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I love all the DRAMAtical murder posts thank yooouu! ;w; <33 The game is fun!

;A; thanks for the kind words <3 Yes! :D Though my favourite is Trip and Virus! XD 

though I actually wanted to post a variety…school made me lazy and my queue is full of DMMd XD

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Hahaha you poor bby YOU CAN DO IT OK. LOOK GO FOR CASUAL BUT NOT BUM CASUAL LOL. YOU WANT COOL-NOT-TRYING-TOO-HARD CASUAL. Nahh but you’ll be fine, you’ll be cute no matter what ok, GO FOR IT!~ If all else fails, Gurren Lagann is always awesome.

man I don’t know

casual is what I’m best at, but I don’t know if you’d define my casual as trying-too-hard O_o

I’m mostly just a t-shirt and jeans kindof girl who occasionally wears nice clothes so I dunno 

I think I might just wear one of the t-shirts under the button-ups

(wow I am making this so stupid complicated *facepalm*)

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Just like how my one dog is named Roxie and the other Axel, and no one had to know it was thanks to Kingdom Hearts. ;) buahahaha

ahaha that’s awesome

I was considering Roxy, but moreso in a homestuck way than kh :P

but nah I thought it was funny also because my mom watches gravity falls too and I’m surprised she didn’t catch on

or if she did she didn’t say anything haha

obsikei said: woot I win! LOL. I think you’d make a cute Xion.

ah thank you!! i have this tube-looking thing i could maybe try making the basic structure of a keyblade out of

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What anime/manga character do you like the most?

Too many!
I guess I can say that my current favorites are Kakashi and Gaara from Shippuden, Law from One Piece, Jaden and Jesse from Yugioh GX.
Some favorite anime of all time though are Dragon Ball Z, Gurren Lagann (actually any Gundam/mecha anime), Fullmetal Alchemist,  and Yugioh 5D’s.
Hehe someone should ask me my favorite game characters. ;) 

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wha wha wha 21 is old on the internet i’m like a grandpa lololol wait how old are you?? ahh gotcha gotcha~ I guess I’m the same? I don’t even know; it’s like if you’re dorky enough to handle me we’re good, doesn’t matter buahaha.


it’s like a rollercoaster but instead of being tall enough you have to be this dorky