Obscene Dishery by Amanda Roberts

All items available for purchase at etsy. Specialty porcelain dishware for every occasion when you need just the right derogatory fucking term to fill the goddamn silence. As Amanda says: “It may not be high brow art, but it’s fun. Life is too short to take seriously. (And I’m big on table etiquette)”.

(via: buzzfeed)

anonymous said:

Why are you so vulgar and obscene? That's really cheap and easy humor to draw the nasty things you do and it is really disrespectful to the players on the cards. Some day you will have to stand before God and be punished for all of these immoral things you are drawing and saying. Please quit now and only draw decent comics.

You know, maybe you’re right…maybe we should grow up and CHANGE THE DIRECTION we’ve been headed. God is always RIGHT BEHIND US, LOOKING OVER OUR SHOULDER and we don’t want to RUB HIM THE WRONG WAY. And it’s not like he invented dicks or anything, right? It’s all our fault that people have to see dicks, and we should SHOW THE WORLD OUR MANHOOD by taking responsibility for our SELFISH ACTIONS. 

So from now on our jokes will be clean and our KNOBS WILL BE POLISHED. I promise, the DICKS ARE BEHIND US.