Geometry serves as the inspiration to create a contemporary costume and this principle is used to create illusions. The fine line between perfection and imperfection is explored by means of consciously moving perfect geometric principles and turning them into chaos in mathematical terms. 2009

Print design by Marko Samardzija and Bojana Nikodijevic.

Photos by Milan Tvrdisic

"In the ascending scale of service stood woman, who annihilated herself for a man, that he might annihilate himself for the master, that he in turn might obey Heaven’.

Inanzo Nitobe, Bushido: The soul of Japan, 1905

 A woman is not meant to be a samurai.  Yet there were times when they had a strong position in samurai society.  Incomparable women warriors displayed a fighting spirit and a concern for honor as men. Fearlessly devoted at times of war their duty was to defend home. But first of all to control household expenses, manage servants and raise their children to the samurai ideas of contempt, death and unquestioning loyalty to their lord.

 The collection ONNA tells a story about these mothers and wives. Soft and curved forms resemble cocoons and remind how women are infinite home defenders: weaving the nest with their hands and heart and keeping the weight on their back.

Colors in the collection associate to the Yoshitoshi’s representation of life and death. The famous Japanese prints, depicted great lawlessness and violence of the Japan, but also its beauty and fascination.

photo by Bojana Nikodijevic