Im having a very early life crisis.

Ok not really but I need to have $690.00 paid to my program by the end of the month, and possibly an extra $219.00 because I got my first speeding ticket =[. I was seriously and utterly upset when I got pulled over. I NEVER speed. Everyone makes fun of me for it. Apparently the speed limit dropped because I drove by a church in session…..Fuck that. So hopefully I will fight it and win but in the mean time, I still need to come up with $700.00 when I only make like $200.00 a month at my workstudy. Im seriously so screwed. AHHH! I hate money. Im just gonna sleep till February 9th.

José Mauro - Obnoxius

Um álbum de 1970 que me parece não ser tão conhecido assim. Obnoxius é misterioso mas vai se abrindo cada vez que você ouve. Com uma voz melancólica, José Mauro se desvia das características que tornaram seus contemporâneos conhecidos como alegria e ritmo forte para entrar com acordes surpreendentes em um mundo complexo e maravilhoso, e extremamente brasileiro.

Ouça: Ponto de Chamada

A lot of people I know, have been very close friends with and also just happens to be complete asshats are getting famous and its bugging the hell out of me. Like here’s 4 people that are completley obnoxius, selfish, manipulative, egocentric and hurtful, some of which can’t even draw a proper fucking eyebrow and another who literally assaults the german language but hey make them famous.