Im having a very early life crisis.

Ok not really but I need to have $690.00 paid to my program by the end of the month, and possibly an extra $219.00 because I got my first speeding ticket =[. I was seriously and utterly upset when I got pulled over. I NEVER speed. Everyone makes fun of me for it. Apparently the speed limit dropped because I drove by a church in session…..Fuck that. So hopefully I will fight it and win but in the mean time, I still need to come up with $700.00 when I only make like $200.00 a month at my workstudy. Im seriously so screwed. AHHH! I hate money. Im just gonna sleep till February 9th.

José Mauro - Obnoxius

Um álbum de 1970 que me parece não ser tão conhecido assim. Obnoxius é misterioso mas vai se abrindo cada vez que você ouve. Com uma voz melancólica, José Mauro se desvia das características que tornaram seus contemporâneos conhecidos como alegria e ritmo forte para entrar com acordes surpreendentes em um mundo complexo e maravilhoso, e extremamente brasileiro.

Ouça: Ponto de Chamada

and like, the flyer describes the Ninningers as “The ninjas that never hide” like we’re about to see the most obnoxius, loud assholes try their hand at being ninjas I’m so excited I can’t wait for two shows in the same block where the heroes are all idiot assholes

I live my dad, but he’s a total and utter DICK. Rudest most obnoxius human being I know. Seriously. As a prrson, he freaking sucks. Everyone we know HATES him. He’s a total douchebag. Lov u dad