Meet Medulla Oblongata! 

From the Planet “IQ” deep within the Cerebral Vortex, it’s a no brainer that Medulla comes from a species where intelligence is everything. 

Medulla, however, is kinda stupid. Or choses to play the fool and is actually a genius in her own right. We may never know. 

Just when she was getting pretty damn bored of all the nerds on her home planet (and was getting DAMN sick of being ostracized, criticized and patronized), she discovered Gwen Stefani and 90′s ska punk from some WAY late radio waves from Earth. 

That night she packed her bags, strung up her bass guitar and followed the sound - singing a long to “Spiderwebs” the whole way there. 

She has some powers, like hypnosis and telekinesis but can’t sustain either for very long.

Ganesha’s place is at the door of the brain, called medulla. The enlarged image shows two big ears, a trunk and tusks. So Ganesha sits at the door of the mind; in the Hindu mythology he is the gatekeeper and decides who should go in or not. If a negative influence tries to enter the brain, he stops it right there. Therefore, he is called vighna vinayaka, remover of obstacles. These obstacles are in the mind. —> the brain controls the individual, and it is the home of gods and goddesses. This human head is the abode of deities, the gods live here. We call them gods and science calls the medulla and hypothalamus. #Hinduism #Hindu #Shiva #Medulla #Oblongata

7 PM Sunday - SUNDAY - SUNDAY November 24th 2013
WSLR presents their 4th annual 2013 LUMPYTUNES! LIVE! - This year its a Sonic Tsunami of weirdo, experimental and outsider vibrations in a showcase format in support odd music on the airways, WSLR & Lumpytunes! Definitely Difficult Listening your outlet for obtuse.

Venue info: http://wslr.org/event/wslrs-4th-annual-lumpytunes-live-2013-sonic-tsunami

The line up:
Sean Proper, genre: Acoustic Drone
Vasectomy Party, genre: Harsh Noise
Tree, genre:Tape Looped Harsh noise
Dream Marina, genre: Guitar & Vintage Synth (Arp Odyssey) Abstract Textures
Oblongata, genre: Harsh Noise
Dark Highways, Lo-Fi Psychedelia Soul-Gaze
WAMPO! (band) West Coast FL’s God Father of experimental genre: Harsh Noise
Dylan Robitaille, genre: refuses to be pigeon-holed
Bilderberg Jazz Arkestra, genre: Free-Form Jazz in the vein of Sun Ra
Whitey Alabastard, genre: Sample-core
The Boomers, Sarasota genre: ‘Trash’
God Snack, genre: lo-fi synth pop finishes the night

Itemirus medullaris

Source: http://es.prehistrico.wikia.com/wiki/Itemirus

Name: Itemirus medullaris

Name Meaning: From the village of itemir

First Described: 1976

Described By: Kurzanov

ClassificationDinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Maniraptoriformes, Maniraptora, Pennaraptora, Paraves, Eumaniraptora, Dromaeosauridae, Eudromaeosauria, Velociraptorinae

Itemirus was a relatively old velociraptorine from the Bissekty Formation in uzbekistan, dating back to the Turonian age of the Late Cretaceous, about 91 million years ago. It is only known from a braincase, hence its specific name referring to the medulla oblongata. Its similarity in this one portion of its skull to the velociraptorines has traditionally placed it there, however a 2014 study placed it with the dromaeosaurines. More specimens, clearly, need to be found of this animal. 



Shout out goes to electropterodactyl!

hey, you hear the one about the poor schmuck that fell in love? this girl he fell for, he wanted every part of her - and not just the good parts, either. he wanted her gallbladder, her lower intestines, her medulla oblongata, even the appendix they’d taken out when she was seventeen. the parts she didn’t think anyone could ever want. her extricated wisdom teeth, the lashes that fell from her lid so that he could kiss each lash and wish for her again and again. but when the poor guy cut his finger off and sent it to her with a letter enclosed reading: “you can have every part of me,” she didn’t reciprocate - not even when the other fingers slowly came. if that’s not the scariest thing you can think of, there’s something wrong with you. if the idea of love doesn’t terrify you then congratulations, i guess. love is the worst kind of sickness. it leaves your palms sweaty and your heart racing and should your condition last more than four hours, contact a physician. maybe a priest, too. a therapist. just get help, because this illness can’t be treated on its own.

The brain is utterly fascinating organ within the human body. Working much like a super computer, it controls your memory, motor functions, thoughts, memories, etc. It never ceases to stop working. Modern advancements in neurological studies have been shown that even when you are sleeping in class, daydreaming about how much fun you and your boo are going to have tonight, and even half listening to the person that will never stop talking and continues to ramble on and on (bless their hearts), that your brain never stops working. It’s like the energy bunny, it keeps on going and going and going. This is just the basics. Don’t even get me started on the medulla oblongata, super fun to say. You can thank Adam Sandler for that one. 

Yet, many of us today allow technology to ruin the greatest technology that is within our heads. Thinking has become a foreign concept to our culture. We allow other things and or objects to think for us. It just takes too much work, and there are many other important things to do. Now, no need to fear, this is not going to be another pessimistic bash on how social media has ruined the world, we have enough of that being said already. This is not what I want to discuss, my goal here is to do one thing: to get you to think about thinking. Or a short but sweet little catch phrase would be: THINK BEFORE YOU POST. Consider this scenario:

It has been an extremely long day at work, you come home from another restless day in the office, or construction sight, or whatever you do vocationally, and your husband/wife comes up to you asking for your help. Your natural reaction is to resort to how you feel in that moment. You feel drained, both mentally and physically. You have been putting in long hours this week, and you would enjoy just a few minutes to rest. After responding to your spouse, you speak what you feel. “I would love to, but I have been working a lot this week.” or “Honey, I am so drained, long week of work.” Now after you would be sleeping on the couch that night and awaiting a sore back the next day, thinking prior to speaking would have saved you a lot of trouble. IF you thought before you spoke, you would have realized that if someone you love is asking your help, that means that the other individual is lacking either the time, recourses, strength, or knowledge of how to accomplish something, therefore seeking the assistance of someone who is capable of such a task. Thinking before you speak, that would help in a whole lot of marital issues. 

Now, in regard to social media, we all desire a place to belong, a place for people to accept us for us. That is the natural desire of human beings. Yet, we can often times neglect the whole purpose of social media, and get caught up in our own little worlds. For example, i’m sure you have seen that one Facebook comment that causes a giant unnecessary uproar over one ill advised comment that could have been easily avoided. Think before you post. If you saw one of your friends getting beat up by someone twice his size, you would do something about it, either you would call for help, or get the bigger person off of your friend. Yet, the enemy of indifference when it comes to cyber bullying has gone on way too long. It’s time we speak up and use whatever platform our voices carry to do something about it. Words matter. Words have weight. If you would think before you post, then it would save many people from having suicidal thoughts, or even depression. They even made a new scary movie about the severity of cyber bullying. That has to say something about our culture. Thinking solves many issues. 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said this about thinking: “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put ones thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” Agreed. Now, how can we do this? If you are like many of the guilty party (myself included) how can this thought impact the way we do social media? How can we think before we post? 

1. Work out your mind. Much like we work out daily, or lack thereof, there is a vital level of discipline that is involved when you are training. It’s strenuous, hard work, sometimes even painful. Yet, we do so for the health of our body. Same can be said about your mind. One way to work out your mind is to journal. Place your thoughts on a paper and pen. We live in such a digital age, that everything is a computer because its more convenient, faster, and more efficient. Writing takes too much work, and is slow. Journaling forces you to slow down and allow your thoughts to be expressed in a concise, clear, and healthy way. Read. Reading allows you to engage the thoughts of those who have already thought thoughts prior to your thoughts being established. Crazy I know. Reading allows you to engage your mind to visualize, conceptualize, and train your brain to think. You are more prone to think before you post if you do this. 

2. Talk to yourself. We do this all the time, and not in the schizophrenic way, I mean allow your brain to ask yourself questions. You do it from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. “Do I want to get up, or sleep in until the latest point possible? Do I want to go to in n out, or subway? Should I do homework or net flix just one show of walking dead?” Ask yourself the simple question: “Would this be wise of me to post this? How might others interpret this? Why do I even want to post this? Is it because i’m bored and just want someone to talk with?” Asking yourself these questions and talking with yourself will save you much hassle. 

3. Connect with a community. Have someone or a group of you hold one another accountable. Have people asking you those questions, willing to call you out and say those things that you do not want to hear in the moment. Hearing a different perspective is always healthy. We were not meant to live life in isolation, but in community. Connect with someone whom you look up to, that you can be authentic with one another, and 

What would it look like if we thought about things before you post? Things would look much different. It all begins with one step. This is not rocket science, it’s simply using the thing that God has given you. Most important of all, think thoughts that will stretch you. Think thoughts about God. Who is he? Why are there so many people that say there is a God who loves? How can finite associate with infinite? How can there be a God if there is so many bad things that occur in the world? This is the primary and healthy way things should be, to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our MIND and all your strength (Deut 6:4-6, Mk. 12:30). Use it, think, and then post. This sounds overly complicated, but simply asking yourself one question will save you much trouble if we would simply think before we post.