Andy Ton: Tram your my best friend and my number one friend.

My word of advice.

Hello Andy! Obviously it is me and I love just leaving sexy pictures of myself on your page every now and then. Any who, I know you’re going through some difficult times but I just want you to know that I’m always here for you! I may not know your current position on where you stand and what you maybe going through; so I definitely do not understand.

I’m currently playing Tetris with you and I’m losing some massive balls, because I am typing you such a lovely letter; plus I just totally won one game just now while typing this. PWNIGGA. And I just totally won another game too~

Anyways, I love you Andy. If there is something bothering you; even if you don’t know the right words to explain it, I’m always here to listen. No matter how far away I am and how distance we are, I’m here.

Don’t forget, you need to think about yourself before helping others; for example, me. You’re having it hard only because you’re forgetting that you even exist. Watch out for yourself because your existence is important too.

So for Christmas last year my sister received an iPhone 5s which is big because she always gets hand me downs and about a month later while she was waiting for my mum to pick her up some boy ran and stole the phone from her hands. But about a week ago this number texted me claiming he bought an iPhone off Craigslist and believed it to be stolen, he sent it back to us without asking for anything in return. This just proves to me that there still is some wonderfully nice people out there.

I feel like after a certain point in a relationship a women can only give so much and when she’s sucked dry of everything that’s when she begins to seem off, like there is something wrong in her head.

takendreams said:

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? - Bob Marley I love your blog btw xx

i need to remember this one or write it down! love it! thank you so much my dear:))

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your blog is just one i can get lost in<3


anonymous said:

You do not seem like the type of person that would get high, you have nothing on your blog about it


idk i feel smoking is only a small portion of who i am, what i like and am interested in doing. I don’t feel it necessary to show that i smoke. + I like being perceived as one type of person and turning out to be the complete opposite. if that makes