A cute little whimsical playroom for your kids to have and joke around in. The set is small, consisting of the following items:

Grass Decal
Frog Bookend
Tree Stump Table
Mushroom Poufs
Hanging Leaf Chair
Apple & PeaPod Cushions
Window Bench (table)

Please download at OnyxSims.


I’m so sorry for the mess! T^T Basically I linked the wrong thing and accidentally uploaded OM’s. Yea, I’m gonna bury myself somewhere after this. Anyway, these should be the right link already. Some of the patterns came from here

Ceiling 100%
Ceiling 75%
Ceiling 50%

Wall 100%
Wall 75%
Wall 50%

Credit to Omorfi for these beautiful lights! And for encouraging me to make the recolors ♥ Well, I hope these are good enough, though let me know if there is any more problem. Thank you to nettlejuice for pointing it out. Well, hope to see them in your game.  (๑・ω-)~♥”

♦⁴ TS4 Plumbob SimTablet

Last upload for today is some cute simtablets. These I had in my wip folder for a long time and had forgotten all about them… Oops! Anyway there’s about 5 gradient tablets and 10 solid color ones. 


  • All come in one file.
  • All are fully functional.
  • Comes in 15 swatches.
  • These are not overrides.

♥ Credit:

  • Mesh by EA


Please do not re-upload, modify, or claim as your own thanks loves!

D o w n l o a d - Plumbob SimTablet

I hope you guys wuv them hehe! 


Better Have My Money Set Pt.1

  • McM Card Holder & Black Card (5 Variations)
  • Money Roll (4 Variations )
  • Purple Lean Cup (2 Variations )
  • McM Wallet  
  • All Non-Recolorable  && Found Under Misc Decor or Plants


Do Not Claim As Your Own && No Re-Uploading

Package Format


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Created by Me (YaYaSimblr)

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This chair is perfect for nursery or kids rooms. I hope you enjoyed it!

I kept the original title, description and price.

I also made these with Russian translation.

Также есть файл с русскими названиями и описаниями.

Conversion of The Sims 2.

Mr. Bearlybutts\Кресло “Мишка”

Original mesh by EA

5 swatches

Price: 365 §

Found in chairs (living) and kid furniture.

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload.