Continuing with the Colour Me rug sets, and this week we are looking at the colour brown. Brown can be seen as a bit of a drab colour, but in the right designs, it can ground a room. It is also very versatile, but in small amounts otherwise it can soak up the light and darken a room too much. I love how these turned out, and hope you like them too. Most of the rug designs were found on sites like Wayfair.com and google shopping.

The Build/Buy items feature:

  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 16 style choices
  • All 16 styles found under one item in the catalog
  • Style tool compatible
  • custom thumbnails
  • Costs $150

The archive contains the  package file and style images. Extract the archive and place the package file in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Download: Mediafire | Onedrive

waitwaitwait, are people really pissed off about the “he’s fast and she’s weird” line?  really?  reaching a little there, aren’t you? I can’t think of a more amusing way to sum up “telekinetic but also does some unquantifiable brain shenanigans that cause you to experience your worst fears”.

Marvel Comic Living Room Set

                                                Pictures of Set

                                  Pictures Of Objects in The Set

Loveseat And Sofa

Coffee Table and End Table

Comic Rugs

About: In this set you will get:

Sofa And Loveseat: Each of these come in only 1 colour. On the Front, Side and back of each of them are patterned with comic stripes.

Coffee Table & End Table: Each of the tables come in 3 colours but just the frame of the table. The Top of the tables are patterned with Comic Stripes.

Rug: This rug comes in 2 colours one is the Marvel Logo and the other is an Comic Stripe Pattern. This rug size is 3x2.

I made this for all of you that loved my Marvel Comic SF Chairs. Since these chairs was such a big hit and all of you loved them. I hope you will like this set too.


Thank you all for following and like my work hope you love this set :)

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But ultimately, the only real metric of journalism that should matter is accuracy and reliability. I personally think honestly disclosing rather than hiding one’s subjective values makes for more honest and trustworthy journalism. But no journalism — from the most stylistically “objective” to the most brazenly opinionated — has any real value unless it is grounded in facts, evidence, and verifiable data.

Patterned Blind Set 2

                                                Pictures of Set

                                Picture of the Blinds in this Set

About: In this set you get 4 recolored Blinds which will brighten up any living room. Each blind is an size of 2x2.

You can find Set 1 Here

Tumblr: http://twistedfoil-forgottensoul.tumblr.com/

TSR: http://www.thesimsresource.com/members/TwistedFoil/downloads/details/category/sims4-objectrecolors-furnishing-decor-curtainsblinds/title/patterned-blinds/id/1294271/

I hope you all like this set and thank you for downloading my work :)


Just want to say thank you all for Following and Liking my work :)