Artist: Yogendra Rastogi

"To the supreme controller, who possesses an eternal form of blissful knowledge, whose glistening earrings swing to and fro, who manifested Himself in Gokula, who stole the butter that the gopis kept hanging from the rafters of their storerooms and who then quickly jumped up and ran in retreat in fear of Mother Yasoda but was ultimately caught - to that Supreme Lord, Sri Damodara, I offer my humble obeisances."~Damodarastakam

vezpar said:

Have any fics where Arthur hurts Merlin or merlin is hurt by some other means and Arthur comforts / takes care of him? Like a hurt/comfort sort of thing I guess

Yes, there are lots of great ones out there. Some of my favourites are:

Spartacus And The Open Taxi Door

Feel Your Pain



Finding Home


There is also this hurt/comfort masterpost, and the Merlin: hurt tag.

O Lord Damodara, I first of all offer my obeisances to the brilliantly effulgent rope which binds Your belly. I then offer my obeisances to Your belly, which is the abode of the entire universe. I humbly bow down to Your most beloved Srimati Radharani, and I offer all obeisances to You, the Supreme Lord, who displays unlimited pastimes.

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[…] A rather more earnest attempt to consult the fairies was made by the cunning-woman Anne Bennett, and her tenant Susan Swapper. In 1607 Susan was ‘troubled’ by fairies who told her a pot of gold was hidden in a field outside Rye, which had formerly been the property of Anne. She went out to find it one day but failed. She did meet the Queen of the Fairies, however, who told her that if she knelt in obeisance to her she would not want for money.

Owen Davies, Popular Magic. (P. 95)

EDIT: I am reminded of:

"Both familiar and fairy offered the suffering human some help. Although the familiar is most notoriously associated with offering the witch powers to do harm and revenge herself on her enemies and so on, trial confessions attest that generally the first and most frequent offer made by the familiar was the promise of help to ease the witch’s material suffering, a service also offered by the fairies. Although both familiar and fairy could promise great wealth, they more frequently promised something rather less grand. In the majority of cases, particularly in Scotland, the devil offered what was often termed "freedom from want" which in many cases amounted to helping the witch to earn a basic living."
- Emma Wilby, The Witches’ Familiar and Fairy in Early Modern England and Scotland.


Hungary, 23 October 1956 ~ Obeisance To The Heroes And Freedom Fighters - Hungarian Theme

Artist: Yogendra Rastogi

"Upon seeing His mother’s whipping stick, He cried and rubbed His eyes again and again with His two lotus hands. His eyes were fearful and His breathing quick, and as Mother Yasoda bound His belly with ropes, He shivered in fright and His pearl necklace shook. To this Supreme Lord, Sri Damodara, I offer my humble obeisances."~Damodarastakam

He held her as though she was a gift. Given to him in love. Something still and small. Unbearably precious. But when they made love he was offended by her eyes. They behaved as though they belonged to someone else. Someone watching. Looking out of the window at the sea. At a boat in the river. Or a passer-by in the mist in a hat.

He was exasperated because he didn’t know what that look meant. He put it somewhere between indifference and despair. He didn’t know that in some places, like the country that Rahel came from, various kinds of despair competed for primacy. And that personal despair could never be desperate enough. That something when personal turmoil dropped by at the wayside shrine of the vast, violent, circling, driving, ridiculous, insane, unfeasible, public turmoil of a nation. That Big God howled like a hot wind, and demanded obeisance. Then Small God (cosy and contained, private and limited) came away cauterised, laughing numbly at his own temerity. Inured by the confirmation of his own inconsequence, he became resilient and truly indifferent. Nothing mattered much. Nothing much mattered. And the less it mattered, the less it mattered. It was never important enough. Because Worse Things had happened. In the country that she came from, poised forever between the terror of war and the horror of peace, Worse Things kept happening.

So Small God laughed a hollow laugh, and skipped away cheerfully. Like a rich boy in shorts. He whistled, kicked stones. The source of his brittle elation was the relative smallness of his misfortune. He climbed into people’s eyes and became an exasperating expression.

—  Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things


I have come to the conclusion that best way to think about life is like this;

it is a canvas.

Right now, we’ve only painted a very insignificant amount at the very bottom. We still have the whole canvas to finish. Little mistakes don’t matter, they happen. The only thing that matters is that the finished painting is beautiful. So when your bones are weak and your energy has drained, you can still look back and say “wow, that was such a beautiful painting.”


helios - the obeisant vine

People who think Panic at the Disco have long song titles don’t know shit.

Have you SEEN Nile song titles???

Natural Liberation of Fear through the Ritual Deception of Death

Invocation of the Gate of Aat-Ankh-Es-En-Amenti

Libation Unto The Shades Who Lurk In The Shadows Of The Temple Of Anhur

Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld

Papyrus Containing The Spell to Preserve It’s Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water

Chapter of Obeisance Before Giving Breath To the Inert One In the Presence of the Cresent Shaped Horns

When You Stop and Really Think About it, if we(Nation of ‪#‎Islam‬ under the Leadership of @LouisFarrakhan) are NOT Teaching you THE‪ TRUTH‬, Have you ever considered what should have happened to us by now for what we believe and what we are teaching you?

If you will Consider this for a moment and Think.

Both ‪#‎Bible‬ and Holy ‪#‎Quran‬ warn us of the consequences of taking on any other God but the One True God. And the consequences for teaching others to do so.

The Punishments mentioned are the absolute worst of suffering, shame, grievous chastisement, humiliation, and ultimately death by fire. God says He’s going to burn up ANYBODY who makes up any other god and teaches others to make obeisance to it.

And Yet, We are telling you that the Man in this picture, Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises is due Forever, Is God Almighty.

We are saying that this Man, is the Supreme Being of the heavens and the earth. 

Meaning there is no one more powerful than Him.

He is Possessor of Power over All things. He has power over EVERY atom in the universe. 

There is no one smarter than Him.

We are saying there has never been a man alive that is wiser than Him. 

Master Fard Muhammad. REMEMBER His Name.

This Man, We are saying He is ‪#‎Allah‬. We are saying He is the ‪#‎Mahdi‬ of the ‪#‎Muslim‬ world. The‪ #Messiah‬ of the ‪#‎Christians‬. 

We are saying if you are a ‪#JehovahsWitness‬ ‪#JW‬, this is your ‪#Jehovah‬.

We are saying we pray to Him for ALL of our needs.

And we are saying that This Man, Master Fard Muhammad, Is Destroying America with the Forces of Nature, and more.

We are saying that This Man is Our ‪#‎Saviour‬.

Who is the “Our”? 

ANYBODY who believes in Him and is OBEDIENT to His ‪#‎Christ‬, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Their Representative, @LouisFarrakhan.

So if we are wrong?
What If He is NOT God?
What If we are lying?
What If we are teaching others to pray to a Man who is not God?

What should have happened to us by now? Why are we still here?

We are still here Because Master Fard Muhammad IS GOD.


# Ferguson #shawshooting #Ebola

Festival of Lights:
The many straightforward rituals of #Diwali have a very importance as well as a story to tell. The #brightness of properties having equipment and lighting and the skies having #firecrackers is an expression of obeisance towards heavens with the accomplishment of health and fitness, riches, understanding, peacefulness and also abundance. The sound of fire-crackers are generally an indication in the happiness in the individuals dwelling in the world, one more achievable explanation includes a lot more technological basis: this toxins manufactured in crackers factory has tendency to wipe out a lot of insects and also mosquitoes, found in loads following the rains.