Just some yummy food pics. And by yummy I mean really German, cold, a little slimy and salty.

The first picture is what I ordered at this beer garden across the bridge. It’s called Obazda and it’s a Bavarian cheese spread typically made out of white cheeses, paprika and onions. It tasted good but I’m still getting used to having to eat everything with the rye-type bread EVERYTHING IS SERVED WITH. I JUST WANT SOME WHITE BROT. 

The second picture is what Ellen ordered which was basically shredded pickled bratwurst. It looked 10000 tiny little worms. I ate it with my obazda though and liked it. 

White Franconian wine was ordered and enjoyed! I had Silvaner which I also had at the 6 day long wine festival last night and am increasingly realizing how strong but delicious Franconian wine is and why its so beloved here (and all over the world actually).

Disclaimer: I’m not a wine person. So this is all new to me. BUT I bought a 5% melon wine yesterday cause it was 2 euros and I love it. My palate is that of a 12 year old. 

Savoury folk beware

Just in case there are some smug savoury souls out there who think they will stay slim in Munich, Cake Girl has news for you.  Not only do you have to negotiate the dozens of sausage varieties but also Obazda (known outside of Bavaria as Obatzda).  It’s a cheese spread, served chilled in beer gardens for slathering onto bread and bretzels. 

It’s one of those foods that is best enjoyed without knowing what it’s made of.  But I just couldn’t help myself - a hazard of my hobby - and investigations revealed this more-ish dip is made up of two-thirds mashed camembert (or similar) cheese and one-third butter.  Oh my goodness.  Even Cake Girl thinks this is pretty shocking.  It was enough to distract me from wondering where the pink-orange colour came from (paprika, as it turns out).

Feasting like a king at lunch

According to guide books, German people like to eat well at lunch time.  A three-course meal isn’t unusual.  While Cake Girl doesn’t have the fortitude for large volume savoury feasting at midday, it does mean there are plenty of yummy options at lunch times.

Biergarten (beer garden) offerings always include lots of meat.  A delicious cheesey treat is obazda, a pale orange spread made with camembert. cream cheese and paprika.  It is especially good with red onion to cut through the richness, and eaten with bread.

Another popular menu item is weiswurst (white sausage made with veal and parsley) eaten with lashings of mustard and bretze (pretzel-shaped bread).

Even lunch eaten at home is simply delicious: hearty bread, crunchy radishes, peppery rocket, red onion and obazda.  

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