“Most Democratic praise for ‘Obama’s foreign policy successes’ fails even to acknowledge, let alone condemn, the thousands of innocent people whose lives have been extinguished by his militarism. These deaths simply do not exist in their world. When you force them to address it, they’ll simply dismiss it away with the military terminology first popularized by Timothy McVeigh (’that’s just “collateral damage’) and then quickly return to the Bush-era mantra of mindlessly invoking the word “Terrorism” to justify whatever violence the U.S. Government commits.” .. (Glenn Greenwald)


1st pics of my latest painting. I’m posting 7 pics of the new piece. Each picture is one panel and the whole artwork has the 7 panels flush to each other.

It’s a narrative showing the transition of power from 90s Democrats to Republicans and then back to Democrats with the election of Barack Obama.

This painting also celebrates the rise to power of Obama and the positive images of the Obama First Family.

Painting titled “Ascension”
18 inches x 14 feet (7 adjacent panels. Each panel is 18 x 24 inches)
oil on board
by Zeal Harris

The White House Just Trolled Netanyahu With This Epic Chart (IMAGE)

The White House Just Trolled Netanyahu With This Epic Chart (IMAGE)

The White House has mocked Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu a few times on Twitter over the past few months. On Wednesday they decided to troll Bibi again. This time they tweeted out a chart that uses the same cartoon bomb that Netanyahu used in a graph when he went and spoke before the United Nations in 2012. It was there that Netanyahu drew his infamous red line for Iran’s supposed…

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The federal debt has already grown more during Obama’s first six years than under all previous U.S. presidents combined, at least in nominal dollars with no adjustment for inflation. The debt owed to the public stands at about $13 trillion, an increase of 106 percent since Obama first took office. 

And 500 companies are not paying taxes!! WTF??