INDIA, NEW DELHI : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) and US President Barack Obama sit and talk in the gardens between meetings at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on January 25, 2015. US President Barack Obama held talks January 25 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the start of a three-day India visit aimed at consolidating increasingly close ties between the world’s two largest democracies. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB

Shorter GOP: Republicans Despise The Environment

"The Obama administration will propose setting aside more than 12 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, the White House announced Sunday, halting any chance of oil exploration for now in the refuge’s much-fought-over coastal plain and sparking a fierce battle with Republicans, including the new chair of the Senate Energy Committee.”

$2 gas is not enough, Republicans must destroy the environment in the name of capitalism.

Each year, as the darkness of the Arctic winter brightens into spring, as the snow melts and the hills and valleys slowly turn green, the tens of thousands of members of the Porcupine caribou herd begin their great migration — traveling some 1,500 miles through Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to their calving grounds on the Coastal Plain.

This far northern region is known as “The Sacred Place Where Life Begins” to Alaska Native communities. The Refuge sustains the most diverse array of wildlife in the entire Arctic — home not only to the Porcupine caribou, but to polar bears, gray wolves, and muskoxen. Bird species from the Coastal Plain migrate to all 50 states of the country — meaning that no matter where you live, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is part of your landscape.  

But the majority of the Refuge is not protected as wilderness, including the Coastal Plain. For more than three decades, some voices have clamored to drill for oil in the Coastal Plain — a move that could irreparably damage this ecological treasure and harm the Alaska Native communities who still depend on the caribou for subsistence.

Today, the Department of the Interior released a revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan to better sustain and manage the entire Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — and President Obama took it a step further and announced his plans to ask Congress to designate the Coastal Plain and other core areas of the refuge as wilderness:

Good news. Needs a bump from you, so write a nice, clear note in support of this to your representative, here:

Raising the minimum wage: the government practice of forcing unskilled and low-skilled workers to remain unemployed.

Such a hike changes the relative merits of substitutes, and reduces profits or increases prices (or both). reducing profits reduces investment and thereby growth and jobs. Increasing prices reduces real income and thus real buying power and jobs.

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The YouTube Interview with President Obama The White House

They did a pretty good job. Unfortunate there were no follow-up questions, challenging some of Obama’s answers. Still, hot topics are discussed - drones, SS marriage, climate change, marijuana, immigration, student loans, etc.
Huh? Huge trove of docs related to Hillary Clinton's "policy work" as First Lady to be made public

Policy work?  When did the First Lady’s job description ever involve “policy work”? Yes, the Clinton Library is getting ready to release a massive collection of 180,000 documents related to Hillary Clinton’s work as First Lady on policy issues such as “welfare, equal pay, family leave, civil rights, race, poverty and health care reform.”

Jazz Shaw explains…

from Hot Air:

This has been a thorn in my paw for roughly a quarter of a century and it’s not going away any time soon. From 1992 until 2000, it is very true that Hillary Clinton’s address was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Her “position” (if we must use that term) was as the First Lady of the United States. This is a strictly ceremonial “position” which American’s tolerate as part of our ancestral love of a certain amount of pomp and circumstance, likely a genetic memory hangover from our forebears in England. The First Lady has no official “duties” when it comes to legislation or policy, foreign or domestic, and the running of the United States government. There is a very simple reason for this.

Nobody has ever cast a vote to elect the First Lady.

The fact that Hillary Clinton was ever involved in what became known as “Hillary-care” back int he 90′s was offensive in every sense of the word. No matter how “unofficial” you choose to describe it, when it became obvious that she was exercising any measure of influence or control in the process of crafting United States policy in healthcare, somebody should have been going on trial. The First Lady can not be allowed any place in such a process because the American people have no recourse to remove her from that “job” if we don’t like her performance. I might mention this again:

Nobody has ever cast a vote to elect the First Lady.

And now we are to be treated to tens of thousands of documents – of unspecified classification – which deal with “Hillary Clinton’s policy work” as it relates to subjects of presidential debates including welfare, equal pay, family leave, civil rights, race, poverty and health care reform. I’m sorry, but precisely what “policy work” are you talking about? There was no policy work to be done because the woman had no job and had no authority to be in any way involved in any “policy work” on behalf of the American people.

Nobody has ever cast a vote to elect the First Lady.

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This is important for two reasons.  One, because it will likely prove a very important source of information regarding the former First Lady who wants to move back to the White House.  Usually, large document dumps like these are preemptive strikes to go ahead and get potentially embarrassing information out there all at once rather than let them leak out over months of Freedom of Information Act demands during the course of a long Presidential campaign. 

Secondly, this is important because we currently have another First Lady who is doing her own share of “policy work.”  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that Michelle Obama or any other First Lady can’t exercise her right to speak out about the issues that matter to her.  She enjoys the same 1st Amendment we all do.  However, Michelle Obama’s work goes beyond simple advocacy.  She has her thumb on the scale of regulatory bodies whose decisions have impact on a great many lives, and nobody elected her to such a position.  

Say the words “budget deficit,” and Republicans and Democrats begin screaming at each other about who’s to blame.

Republicans howl that the deficit is President Obama’s fault, because he has exploded government spending and failed to fix the economy.

Democrats roar that President Obama inherited a catastrophic economic mess, that this mess will take time to clean up, and that our massive deficit is therefore President Bush’s fault.

So, who’s right?