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6 killings in 34 days… maybe we should go to iraq since that’s the only place killings unarmed americans are not tolerated cause that sure as hell isn’t the case in america… maybe then #Obama will address it as an unacceptable problem #ferguson #ericgarner #mikebrown #ezellford #johncrawford #danteparker #kajiemepowell #stoptheviolence #stopshootingus #handsup #dontshoot #blackoutmonday #blackman #wakeup #endangered” via @PhotoRepost_app #Louisiana (at Monterrey)

If you only watch one video about Ferguson and the "race wars," watch this one


Stick to the facts and stay principled.  It’s what we’ve been saying since the very beginning of the Ferguson police shooting and subsequent riots. 

If the officer who killed Michael Brown did indeed shoot an unarmed man who had his hands up and was running away, he should be charged with murder.  But we must examine the facts before we come to that conclusion.

Bill Whittle, who examines Ferguson and the bigger picture of racial violence in America, sticks only to the facts. 

Here’s the video:

I couldn’t have said it better had I spent a week trying to collect my thoughts.  Bill Whittle cuts right to the heart of the matter. 

As regular readers of this website know, we take police brutality very seriously around here and make almost daily calls for greater accountability among cops. However, we always advocate sticking to the facts in every case, and that’s simply not what’s happening in the media’s coverage of Ferguson nor in the Obama administration’s reaction.  

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As I pointed out yesterday, this narrative of an epidemic of white cop on black violence and murder being perpetuated by the leftwing media, the race hustlers, the protesters, the Attorney General, and all the rest of the usual idiots on the internet is a complete and utter fabrication.  There is no outbreak of racist white cops gunning down innocent black men.  And as only Bill Whittle can explain, the actual facts tell a completely different story.

Again…what are these protests in Ferguson really about?

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Watch the trailer for the upcoming HBO series Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways. Dave Grohl’s interviewees include Steve Albini, Dolly Parton and President Obama.

Obama vows to be "relentless" against ISIS...after he finishes golfing and golfing...and golfing...


President was all smiles and fist bumps again today on the golf course with not a hint of concern about the American journalist still held in captivity ISIS nor the other American journalist who was beheaded earlier this week.  

Yesterday’s 5 minute speech on James Foley’s death was completely overshadowed by the 5 hour golf game Obama immediately rushed off to after the speech.

Obama is back on the golf course again today.

from Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama teed off again on Thursday, just 24 hours after pictures of his wide grin on the golf course drew condemnation in the wake of the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley.
'Admit it,' a White House pool reporter emailed the press corps. 'You all made small-dollar bets that POTUS would be playing golf today. And … you would be right!'
'We are at the Farm Neck Golf Club at 1:13 pm. and POTUS is hitting the links again.'
The president drew fire Wednesday after reacting to Foley’s on-camera slaying for just five minutes, and then gripping his driver.
He had told a global audience minutes earlier that ‘when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’
Then he was seen laughing with friends and fist-bumping them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Today’s trip makes the 8th time Obama has played golf in 11 days.  By my count, that makes 194 games of golf since Obama took office. 

Utterly shameful.

Federal Reserve data reveals Obamacare as a disaster for business.

from Zero Hedge:

Remember all those allegations that Obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster for businesses, especially smaller companies? Well, now we have proof.

As the Philly Fed, which mysteriously soared at the headline level even as the vast majority of its components tumbled, reported moments ago, “in special questions this month, firms were asked qualitative questions about the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how, if at all, they are making changes to their employment and compensation, including benefits.”

What the survey found was very disturbing: not only did businesses report that as a result of Obamacare the number of workers they employ is lower than higher (18.2% vs 3.0%), that there has been an increase in part time jobs (18.2% higher vs 1.5% lower), leading to a big increase in outsourcing and most importantly, Obamacare costs are being largely passed on to customers (28.8% reporting higher vs 0.0% lower), the punchline was that while there is basically no change in the number of employees covered (17.6% higher vs 14.7% lower and 67.6% unchanged), there has been a big jump in Premiums, Deductibles, Out-of-pocket maximums, and Copays, which has been “matched” by a far greater reduction in the range of medical coverage and the size of the network.

In short a disaster.

In this society white lives are worth more than black and brown lives. Sad but true.