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Everyboy that reblogged my Thick Thighs Gang; raise your right hand✋🏾and take this oath...

I solemnly swear, to embrace and love my thick thighs.

I will not wish for them to be smaller, but bold and full as is their divine right.

I will promise to nuture and care for them, keeping them moisturized in all their round goodness with shea butters, baby gel, or Palmer’s coca butter.

And to never take for granted the power in their thunder as I walk throughout my day.

These things I pledge as a devout member of T.T.G. ✊🏾

anonymous asked:

For someone who's interested in trying witch craft, what are some suggestions you have for just testing the waters. And, another question that I feel is kinda dumb but, you don't have to sell your soul or something if you become a witch. I hope that question isn't offensive, and I'm extremley sorry if it is.

An honest question is not offensive, Anon :)

No, you do not have to sell your soul to become a witch. Your soul is yours to keep. You need make no dedications to any gods or spirits, or make any promises or oaths.

Some traditional paths do require dedications or oath-taking as part of initiation. Some

I have several spells on my blog which are appropriate for complete beginners. You will have to scroll a bit I’m afraid!


July 2014 CPAs Oath Taking and Testimonial Dinner

Dahil sa hectic sched ko sa work, hindi na ako nakapagshare dito sa blog ko, so eto yung latest. Last September 2, 2014, We took our oath to formally welcome us to the profession. It was held at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). Dati, dream ko talaga na maging venue ang PICC para sa graduation ko, pero hindi siya nangyari. Pero okay lang, kasi kahit di siya naging venue para sa graduation ko, naging venue naman siya para sa oath taking ko as CPA. Napakabait talaga ni Lord. :)

After the Oath taking ceremony, nagorganize yung school namin ng Testimonial Dinner for us successful PSBA CPA Passers sa Gloria Maris. It was a private program na kami kami lang ang andoon kasama ang family. Aside sa kainan, we, the board passers shared our experiences as a student, a reviewee and our testimony on how we prepared for the CPA Board Examination. You all know that my life is really an open book, so shinare ko lahat ng pinagdaanan ko simula nung nasa Adamson pa ako until nagtransfer sa PSBA hanggang sa pagrereview ko sa CPAR and of course nung nalaman ko na CPA na ako.

Sobrang bilis ng phasing this 2014, 3 months after graduation, CPA Board Exam naman, then after one month, oath taking, tapos 2 days after oath taking start na ng work ko. Gusto ko talaga magpasalamat kay Lord kasi never niya ako iniwanan sa journey ko, sabi nga ng mga friends ko, sobrang lakas ko daw sa Kanya kasi lahat ng hinihiling ko tinutupad niya. Sabi ko sa kanila, lahat naman tayo pantay pantay tingin niya sa atin, may iba iba lang tayong paraan kung paano humingi ng tulong sa kanya, ask Him for something as if nasa tabi mo talaga siya, kausapin mo na parang kapamilya mo, Nasa imagination lang siya, yet, nagpprovide siya ng needs natin, siyempre always remember din na Faith without action is nothing so if we ask for something, we should work on it. Hindi yan basta basta dadating, pinaghihirapan yan. Pero ang maganda doon, kahit naghihirap tayo abutin ang mga bagay na gusto natin makamit, andyan si Lord, kasama natin. :)

To my family, sobrang saya talaga kasi yung success ko, hindi lang para sa akin, para sa kanila talaga. Hati kami sa success na to, kung hindi naman dahil sa kanila, wala lahat ng ito. Kaya dapat lahat ng ginagawa natin, isipin natin yung feeling na mararamdaman ng family natin the moment na maging successful tayo sa pagabot ng dreams natin. 

Yun lang, excited pa ako magshare ng mga upcoming experiences ko, now that I am working as an Audit Associate of the number 1 professional services firm here in the Philippines. :)

“I was just an ordinary highschool and college student. I was just like all of you. And YES, I failed”

“There is no such thing as FAILURE, only DELAYED SUCCESS”

“Being number one in the April 2011 ECE Board Exam is just a TITLE”

-Billy Joe Serrano Rivera [April 2011 ECE Board Exam Top 1 | Mapua Institute of Technology | 92.5 | Absolute Endorser]-

So help me God. :)

Finally, took my oath last friday at The Manila Hotel. I am a full pledge Pharmacist now.

Kevin Francis Josol Tibayan, RPh.

Perhaps it’s really nice to have that RPh after my name, but I know it’s more than that. It’s no joke to become a pharmacist. I’m taking this seriously, yah know. HAHA. :D

Yiiieehhh! :“>

Our Dean Clotilde Arcangel is indeed proud! :)

The University of Santo Tomas College of Education did it again!

  • Top 1 Performing School (LET) for Secondary Level
  • Top 2 Performing School (LET) for Elementary Level

Congratulations Batch 2012! :)


Before we were all just student nurses then after 4 excruciating years of studying and passing the board exam we became board passer then today we are now officially PROFESSIONAL NURSES. We are just one step closer to become Registered Nurses. <3 Dreams do always come true :) We promise not to administer unnecessary drugs to our patients that will cause harm to them.hihi :D

Ganito ko nalaman na pasado ako.


Galing kami sa simbahan. Eh, iniiwan ko CP pag nagsisimba kami. Aba, pagkakita ko sa phone ko may missed call! Tiningnan ko. Si David pala. Binasa ko rin mga new messages. Si David pa din.


Pasado ka.

Ako naman, natulala. Una kong naisip, Weh???

Pagtapos, nagmadali ako sa PC! Tinext ko din si Dave. Maya tumawag siya. Oo nga daw. Pasado ako. Yun nga, nakita ko na din ang list.

Pasado ako.

The End.

*pagtapos nun, puro post na at like sa FB*

*back to normal na*

*sa oath-taking na next*

*maraming salamat David P. Mercado! Ikaw unang nagsabi sa akin :>*

An oath towards Professionalism

Paulinian Nurses Batch 2011 Aimants Du Couers De Jesus Et Marie pledged in front of BON Sto. Tomas, SPU-CNAHS Faculty, their families and God at the Chapel of Crucified Christ in St. Paul University Manila last September 2, 2011. 

It was supposed to be a Thanksgiving Mass and a little celebration for the Paulinian Nurses. However, a week or so before the celebration the Board of Nursing announced that the Mass oath taking will not take place because of economic crisis but the NLE board passers can take the oath on the same day of their registration may it be individual or group. Complains and petitions arise but my lovely batchmates suggested that we should take the oath as a batch in our dear alumna. Fortunately, our ever caring dean, Ms. Rhoda Reyes took heed. 

It was an overwhelming transition for us, being able to take the oath at the place where you burn your midnight oil, where your clinical instructors became your colleagues officially, right after the oath. It was a blessing for us, Aimants, instead of having a Mass oath taking, it became an exclusive event, just for us and honestly, i feel so special. It really was an endearing moment seeing your friends, families, the lower batches and your clinical instructors behind you while you are having the oath. Another ego boost, was that we are the first NLE board passers of July 2011 to have the Oath taking ceremony in the whole country. Furthermore, A batch mate of mine, shared to us, that what had transpired that afternoon, served as as inspiration to the lower BSN students. God, I can’t thank you enough for the blessing you have showered upon us.

To my dear batchmates, Aimants Du Couers De Jesus et Marie, Congratulations and let’s show the World, what Paulinian nurses are truly made of. :) 


We had our oath taking last Nov. 17, 2011 at the Manila Hotel. For me, it wasn’t such a much-awaited event. There wasn’t much to expect actually. Actually, all I wanted was to already take a hold of my own license; to see my name printed on that hard plastic card, my 1x1 picture on the right side, with a written “MECHANICAL ENGINEER” on it.

Last October 11, 2011, I registered myself to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for my license. I was told that I was to register for the oath taking at the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) office which was located just in front of the PRC building. During that time, the issue regarding joining the oath taking was very blunt: some said that we were required to join, some said we weren’t. I was torn!!! In some way I didn’t want to join the oath taking because I heard that it was really expensive to join. But then I also saw it as a one time opportunity.

Posted at the PSME office was this:

And the first thing that came into my mind was “What the!!!!!!” It was actually too much! Too much! I say.

I repeat, TOO MUCH!!!

We’ve paid “enough” at the PRC (and I think it was a fair payment..  sorta). Then it really shocked me that they were to charge another extra for the membership, pin, sampaguita!!!, and ticket!!!

Before I’ve decided to pay for it I called my parents (actually I told them to call me,, ahihi) first to ask them for their opinion. I first told them about the price and what were they for. When I reached the price of the oath ticket my mom said, “1,200???!!!!!”. But then she got a hold of herself quite fast and asked where the oath taking was and if there was food included already. So I explained what was told to me: I told her that the venue was at Manila Hotel, and that yes,food would also be served.

So she said that Manila Hotel was a nice place and maybe the food would be worth it of Php1,200. So being the supportive parents as they are, they also told me to go ahead and pay and buy 2 extra tickets for the both of them to attend the oath taking too.

So there, everything was settled. All I had to do was to just wait for the oath taking. During that time, the oath taking was dated “October 18, 2011” - very convenient because it wasn’t too far from the releasing. But then it was suddenly change to “November 2011 exact date to be announced”. Honestly, it was quite a hassle for me because I wasn’treally resided at Metro Manila. But nevertheless I didn’t want to stress out myself about that certain thing. What was important for me was my license.

During the last week of October (I’m not sure about this), I received an e-mail from the PSME office that the oath taking was dated November 15, 2011. So then and there, I set that day for that certain event. Then early that November, news was being spread that the oath taking was to be moved on November 17. It quite irritated me because the date was always moved. There wasn’t any consistency - am I right? or is there a better term?

About a week before the oath taking I received a text from the PSME secretariet that the oath taking was indeed to be moved on November 17. So final was final. Hassle, again. It was mentioned on that text message that the registration would start at 12nn and that the oath taking program would start at 1pm.

But to minus the stress I just told my self that at least it was only two days after the “original” date.

November 17 - finally!

Me and my parents arrived at the venue at around 12:30pm. And upon the arrival what did we meet? Avery unorganized crowd and long queues. Official photographers were crowded at the entrance to the hall convincing the inductees and their parents to have their pictures taken for the oath taking by them - and let me emphasize that they were there meeting all the inductees in a very unorganized way - the market unorganized type of way. I mean, if they were really official photographers, then they shouldn’t be standing at the entrance like that. They should have at least have a “table” for the “registration” - which is actually the way official photographers really should be doing during the registration period.

At the entrance of the Fiesta Pavilion Hall, we were given copies of the program. Fast forward to when we were finally seated - while waiting for the event to start, me and my parents scanned the program, and stated there, the program starts at 2pm!! And so goodbye late lunch - which my parents and I (and I do think most of the inductees and their guests too) expected to be given to us. Fact: my parents and I didn’t get to eat lunch that time so imagine how hungry we were during the program.

At 1pm, seats were still being arranged for everyone. PSME officers were called to find seats for the inductees and guests who weren’t seated yet. Which, I think, was very inappropriate for a formal event like that.well since it wasn’t really “formal”, the people just went on allowing such.

I wouldn’t be enumerating the whole program so let me just highlight a few events that were quite meaningful:

  1. It was very hard for the officers to find seats because they didn’t even allot ushers to guide the inductees and guests.
  2. There wasn’t an appropriate “head count” so there were last minute adding of table and chairs and not all of the inductees and guests were inside the hall to be able to witness the induction properly.
  3. The emcee kept on telling green jokes. Which I think is very inappropriate for the crowd: there were ladies in the hall, and us inductees were with our parents. I’m not against green jokes but I do believe that there is a right time and right place for it. But regardless of that, some of his jokes were good and okay.
  4. Second to that, he just kept on saying jokes every in between parts of the program. Hindi na siya naubusan nang joke - pinagkatuwaan na lang namin.. hehe!!!
  5. Food served: Pancit, Half Sandwich, Ensaymada, Brownies, and Chicken. Drinks: Coffee and Water. And I think that some of the tables didn’t get to have this full meal. All we had to say when the food was served: “This is worth 1,200?”.
  6. Not all tables were given the whole meal. Also, the program was about to end, and still, some tables haven’t finished eating because of the slow service.
  7. During the speech of the guest of honor he mentioned, “We are thinking of ways to conduct oath takings without any expense from the inductees, but then it is next to impossible”
  8. I think the best part about the oath taking was our No. 1 Top Notcher’s speech. His speech really had depth.
And what are my points about this blog entry?
  1. Php 1,200 is too much of a charge on the oath taking ticket. Compared to what we experienced. It wasn’t worth that much of money. My dad says that some organizations conduct events to raise funds. Well okay, if PSME needs fund raising then fine, but we all agreed (including my dad) that they asked too much and they got too much from the price of the oath taking ticket.
  2. We wouldn’t mind paying an amount of money for an activity like this as long as we receive in return worth the price that has been charged. But adding up the food, service, program content, the “quality” of the event, it does not add up to Php 1,200.
  3. The PSME should have thought about who were attending the event - fresh graduates/board passers (clearly those without much money to pay for themselves) and their parents. Also, not all guests have the money. Some of the inductees come from families who have little income. Considering also those who don’t reside at Metro Manila - they also have to spend to travel. The PSME should have made the price a lot more friendlier. I am pretty sure that a lot would have wanted to attended such an event but that they didn’t have enough money to do so.
  4. I didn’t get to show on the highlights evidence for this but it’s as if we, the inductees, were only “guests”; “audiences”; “extras” during the oath taking when it was supposed to be our time to shine. The program concentrated more on the VIP’s. We didn’t feel special.
  5. Generally, parang pinagkakitaan lang kami. And to think, we weren’t even told what benefits we were to have by joining the society. No orientation or whatsoever to inform us what to expect from the society.
Now was the oath taking worth it? I’m writing this of frustration because I really felt that the oath taking was a waste of time and money. This here blog entry is an eye opener to the society. Please do not take advantage of such activities. Charge us Php 1,200? Give us what we paid for. Better yet, make the price a lot more friendly to the real VIP's of the activity.
Oath Taking on 9/11

Ang sama ng gising ko kaninang umaga. Dahil malakas yung ulan at madaling bumaha sa street namin, and magsusuot ako ng white- all white para sa oath taking, naisip ko na basahan na istura ko bago pa lang makarating sa venue. 

Ginawa ko, I wore jeans and slippers muna then magpapalit nalang sa school.  Umuulan na nga, tas dami mo pang bitbit. Ilang oras akong  nag- abang ng taxi. Dahil wala akong masakyan na taxi, nag- jeep muna ako hanggang acacia lane. STRANDED ako ng almost an hour sa harap ng Hypermart sa may JRU. Kinakabahan na baka ma-late ako and all. Haggard ako kanina- nakipag sapalaran ako para makasakay ng jeep. I ended up seating katabi ni manong driver. 

Pagdating ko ng school para magbihis, andun na raw sa Beda yung iba kong classmates. Edi tarantatious ang lola mo. Agad agad akong nagbihis sa CR. Derecho sa Beda, and nakita ko, dalawa pa lang silang andun. Late dumating yung iba- stranded rin, nabaha and kung anu- ano pa. :3

Ang haba kapag kinuwento ko lahat. Basta, yung pare naging biased kanina- Bedan Nurses lang lagi yung mine- mention not knowing na may representatives rin yung school namin. Saling- pusa lang talaga kami kanina. :( BON Marco Sto. Tomas acted as our presiding officer. As usual, gaya dati nung ADPCN, ang boring niya.

Let me just give you the statistics na binigay ni BON Sto. Tomas sa amin- 67k registered for the June 2012 NLE; 60k took the NLE (June 30-July1); 7k was not able to take exam on the dates mentioned (mga na-late, mga natauhan); and lastly 27k passed. “Many were called, but few were chosen.” I’m proud to say I am one of the 27k people. 

After ng oath taking (personally my favorite kasi may ni-reto sa ‘kin) Haha, landi lang.

So, here are the world’s most beautiful nurses. All smiles kami dito. :) Napanindigan namin yung uniform naming pang staff nurse. Haha. (L to R: Yntet, Rae, Tina, Sam, Missy and the Diyosa) Charowts.

Nakita niyo na ba new boyf ko? Ay, hindi pa pala- so siya yung katabi ko.  I’d like you to meet Carlo. Hahaha! Joke. Couz siya ni Missy and nire- reto sa'kin. Megahd, mala- Champ Lui Pio lang diba? Haha! Lasallian siya and is still studying- civil engineering. Katabi ko siya at lunch and pag nag-uusap kami, parang kami lang nag-uusap. Hahaha!

Inaasar kaming mag boyf- kasi si Missy eh. Haha. Lahat ng nasa tabale akala kami. Ngeks.

Nadagdagan pa yung ka-sweetan ng lunch namin nung sinerve sa amin to for dessert- Choco caramel, caramel cheesecake and Choco lava cakes. Alam niyo ba na nag-share kami sa choco- caramel cake? Yes- kulang nalang magsubuan kami. Ang sweet lang! Nahihiya kasi ako magpa-pic habang share kami eh. :3 Haha. 

I’d like you to meet these pretty ladies with their choco lava cakes- Missy and Sam. Gaganda nila no, naiinggit lang ako. Kapag ako gumawa ng gan'tong pose, tiyak, mauumay lang kayo sa mukha ko. :)

This day is very historical indeed. Not only we are once again commemorating the 9/11 Twin Tower bombing, but we also welcome the new nurses of the year as they embrace boldly their profession before God and their countrymen.

PS: Yey! I am already registered to the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)! Ang cute ng ID- pink. Susunod na PRC ID ko. Wee! To follow na lang yung ibang photos when we were at the abbey.