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Noel Gallagher on the late late show and talking about Zayn and 1D again. I have a hard time believing coincidences.

Thanks for the tip-off, Anonymous.  Guess who was one of the first to break the story in the press?  Billboard.

And there’s more:

I have a hard time believing in coincidences too:

  • Gallagher trashed One Direction, only for Liam to say that their album will be “Oasis-y.”
  • Gallagher changes his tune, only for Liam to sing “Wonderwall” in Monaco and get major press for it.
  • Gallagher interviews on The Late Late Show and talks about Zayn, only a few weeks after 4/5 were there to talk about Zayn.
  • Gallagher’s interview breaks on Billboard, the same magazine that has been running stories about One Direction since Zayn “quit”—and the headlines are all about Gallagher talking about Zayn.

Zayn’s “quitting” is not a coincidence—it’s a stunt.  Endgame is coming.

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Hi Sasha hope you're good. i wanted to ask you about Oasis & One Direction being linked to each other in relation to the Zayn "quitting" stunt, i'm sorry if this sounds dumb but i really don't know why it's so significant.

Hi nonnie. I’m swell. :))

Well as you probably know, Oasis was a very successful Brit band with an alt/pop/rock sound. They’re also as famous for fighting and breaking up as they are for their music. Oasis was anchored by the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam. They are a couple of legendarily bitter bitches. Right now, the band is broken up and Noel has a solo album out that he’s been promoting for the past few months. 

Now all that said, beginning late April, Oasis and One Direction have been consistently linked in the press. 

And not just in any press. Big, influential names in the media like Billboard, Rolling Stone, People, Entertainment Weekly and respectable UK papers like The Independent. That’s an important point because not only does Oasis have a more mature fanbase, linking them in the press has been a vehicle to get 1D mentioned in these more mature media outlets. It’s mutual promo AND rebranding. For Noel and company it keeps them in the press (and gets fans clamoring for a reunion–sound familiar?) and introduces them to younger fans who will probably dig Oasis’/Noel’s music. Another pretty clever PR scheme that I believe is courtesy of the incoming team.


Noel Gallagher in Cleveland just now. I told him how my guitar had been collecting dust, if he could put an encouraging message like, “Roger, play this fucking guitar.” He said how about this and wrote “God bless.” As he was signing my copy of Chasing Yesterday, I told him what a brilliant fucking album it was, and he very graciously said, “thank you very much.”

Who says never meet your idols?

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