The Sweet Booth – Mango Sago

(Location: Oakland, CA)

The Sweet Booth is one of the best mom and pops boba shops I’ve been too, and they are known for their EXCEPTIONAL smoothie drinks. The mango smoothie is arguably their most famous, and it is definitely super tasty. It’s a complex drink that’s made of blended mango, mango ice cream, sago, and boba. Only difference with my order is that I opted for more sago instead of boba. The mango and mango ice cream combine for a creamy and light flavor, while the sago is smooth like tapioca pudding.



I hit up a Mac Dre art show in an empty retail space in Downtown Oakland—a gallery showing nothing but Mac Dre themed work by various Bay Area artists, with a DJ playing nothing but Mac Dre. The place was packed out and jumping off, the whole scene was really dope.

Checked out the show for a while, then I got dinner with a friend in a basement Ethiopian spot about half a block from the gallery space. After dinner, we came up outside the restaurant to find the streets closed about a block in every direction from the art show, and the block in front of us filled with cops, some of whom were suiting up in light riot gear.

We could see that the art show crowd had grown pretty large and was spilling into the street, and we decided not to stick around to see what happened. I’m allergic to cops in riot gear.

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