Unveiling the Dark Romanticism Scenes of @iamthegatekeeper

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“In my real life, I like to live in ‘spring,’ but through my art, I live in ‘winter,’” explains Lucille Lares-Kiwan (@iamthegatekeeper), referring to her ongoing photo project that she started after experiencing several personal tragedies. “I created Gatekeeper as sort of a personal outlet for me to channel the melancholy I felt,” says the Oakland, California-based technical designer. Despite the fact that Lucille’s alternate realities may seem dark, they have a cathartic effect, making Lucille feel lighter and lifted. “This ‘safe space’ I create in the dark atmosphere of my photos allows me to release those negative emotions. By letting go of the melancholy and sadness through my work, I’m able to move on,” Lucille says, hoping to set a positive example. “If my story can help anyone feel hopeful about their path, that would mean the world to me.”


i wrote a paper on parklets. included a bunch of pictures for your reading pleasure. (also a couple snippets on drunk drivers). feel free to use this as a shortcut to your own research, or to build upon a collection of research of newer parklets in more cities.

“This paper presents an up-to-date (until December 2014) review of parklets in the following West Coast cities: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. It also includes the beginnings of a parklet inventory that could be expanded upon by city and through time. Through examining case studies, this paper hopes to provide advice to people who aim to create parklets, and to cities to learn from each other in developing their parklet programs.”

west coast parklets. by dianne yee. 12.2014. [pdf]

RP Exclusive: Green Day Play Secret Show at 924 Gilman

Tonight Green Day played a secret show at Berkeley’s famous 924 Gilman, with various special guests including Operation Ivy/Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. You can check out the setlist, some pictures and videos from our night in Berkeley here by clicking “read more” below.

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Black Women Matter!

Remember Mya Hall.
Remember Islan Nettles
Remember Rekia Boyd
Remember Renish McBride
Remember Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Remember Eleanor Bumpurs
Remember Miriam Carey
Remember Penny Proud
Remember Tarika Wilson
Remember Pearlie Golden
Remember Aura Rosser
Remember Tanesha Anderson

But also remember

Meagan Hockaday 26 California
Monique Jenee Deckard 43 California
Janisha Fonville 20 North Carolina
Natasha McKenna 37 Virginia
Yvette Henderson 38 California
Keara Crowder 29 Tennessee
Iretha Lilly 37 Texas
Tracy A. Wade 39 Kentucky
Latandra Ellington 36 Florida
Vernicia Woodward 26 Georgia
Michelle Cusseaux 50 Arizona
Jacqueline Nichols 64 Michigan
Gabriella Monique Nevarez 22 California
Yvette Smith 45 Texas
Sharon Rebecca McDowell 49 South Carolina
Lana Morris 46 New York
Keoshia L. Hill 28 Texas
Kourtney Hahn 21 Ohio
Jacqueline Reynolds, 54 Illinois
Kendra Diggs, 37 Maryland


Largest “Soul Train Line” in Oakland Set to Break Guinness World Record

By postnewsgroup

Blending soul, dance, and community, Oakland is set to break a new Guinness World Record for the “Largest Soul Train Line” on Saturday, June 20 at deFremery Park, 1651 Adeline St. in West Oakland.
Five hundred people are expected to participate in the Official Oak Train Line that will last nearly three hours with non-stop dancing and a live DJ. The Soul Train Line is expected to shatter the current record of 291 participants in Philadelphia in 2012…  [Read more and get details from The Post News Group.]



EL TACO BIKE - Genius. If you find yourself in downtown Oakland, California be on the look out for this eco - friendly, pollution - free, pedal powered grub! Mexican style coffee brewed with fresh cinnamon sticks, breakfast burritos, warm tacos and tortas. Follow them on twitter @ElTacoBike 

Someone do this in New York already!