Let me tell you about a certain record. This record is American Idiot by Green Day and this record means more to me than any other record out there. I first heard this record when I was around six years old and I immediately fell in love with it, little did I know how much of an impact it would make on my life. 

Soon after I first listened to American Idiot my music taste got drowned out by a sea of top 40 that was seemingly forced upon me, it wasn’t until 21st Century Breakdown came out did I finally start to listen to Green Day again. And god I’m so glad I did because they changed my life.

American Idiot helped me find my way when I truly felt lost. It taught me that its okay to be an outsider, that it’s okay to not know what to do, that it’s okay to be wrong, that it’s okay to feel emotional because even the strongest get weak. This album taught me that I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to do, it taught me to think for myself, it taught me that I if i’m not mad it’s because I’m not looking close enough. 

American Idiot has been here for me throughout the portion of my life I can remember. When I’m feeling depressed, happy, or just wanna listen to some of the best music ever written. I will listen to this album to my grave. 

I will never be able to thank Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre enough for this explosive, emotional, grandiose piece of rock and roll history.

Happy birthday old friend, here’s to ten years.

What he loves when he sees you for the first time
  • ashton:he’d instantly fall in love with your smile. he loved the way your lips curved and how it made your cheeks look fuller. he’d also love your laugh, not only because it’s paired up with that smile of yours but because it sounds super adorable, too. from the minute he saw you, he knew that you were perfect and he’d have to make you his as soon as possible by trying to get to know you and your sense of humor. from the outside, there isn’t a thing he dislikes about you, and he knows that it will be like that on the inside too.
  • calum:he’d really appreciate how well you were dressed. he loved the relaxed feeling that you gave off whenever you said a word, and he’d fall in love with your giggle. he’d like the way your hips look under the sweater tied at your waist and he’d love the way your hair would land gently over your shoulders. he also would love how generally sweet you are and how much you stand out from everyone else even though you’d think that you blended in. something about your general appearance attracted him to you, but he’d still end up falling in love with what was on the inside, too.
  • luke:you’d catch his eye because you’d always be laughing or smiling, causing him to become interested in you. he’d adore the little chuckles you let out when someone told you a joke or said something funny, and after talking to you, he’d admire how easily it was for you to make him laugh. he’d instantly fall in love with the way you said words or told stories, and he’d catch himself getting mesmerized by your lips as you spoke. he’d want to talk to you forever just so he could hear your voice and watch your mouth form the words even though there were more things to love about you than the way you talked.
  • michael:the first thing he’d notice about you besides your body would be your eyes. he’d always watch them so closely as they gently glanced from one place to another. he’d be putty in your hand if you looked him right in the eyes because he’d know that if he looked into them straight on he wouldn’t be able to look away. he’d examine the colors of your irises and he’d get all nervous because he’d feel like he’d be creeping you out from staring into your eyes so much. but he loved keeping eye contact with you because he knew he had your attention.
Preference #11: "Let's Play A Game" (Ashton)

A/N: Basically you and the guys are in one of those truth or dare/party type scenarios SORRY THIS IS SUPER LATE IVE ACTUALLY BEEN QUITE BUSY 


You stared down at your fingers which you seemed to be twiddling for the past hour. Each time the bottle’s spin began to slow down, you held your breath, thinking just maybe it would land on you, but each time you were disappointed. You began to think to yourself why you even came to this stupid party, you weren’t to big on drinking and you weren’t good with large crowds. You took small sips of your drink just to remind yourself that you weren’t a total stiff. It wasn’t all bad though, you had a pretty good time dancing to some surprisingly decent music blaring from the large speakers on either side of the room and for a college party, things hadn’t gotten too crazy….yet. Your biggest regret was that you had yet to talk to the frustratingly cute boy from your photography class, he too was playing and he also had yet to be chosen by the bottle. One by one, each boy and girl would escape to have their “7 minutes in heaven.” You laughed a little about how childish the whole thing was. Your friend convinced you it would be fun and you foolishly believed her. Your gaze always seemed to return to Ashton, even when you tried to avoid staring, you couldn’t, he was too adorable in his large sweater and thick glasses, not to mention a smile that could light up the room and the most lovely eyes. As the number of people within the circle dwindled, it was finally time for Ashton to spin to the bottle and when his fingers touched the glass, you felt a knot beginning to form in the pit of your stomach as you gulped nervously. You thought that never in a million years would the end would land on you, but to yours and everyone else’s amazement, the spinning bottle came to a halt and pointed directly at you. Everyone saw it land on you but you refused to believe it until a voice from the crowd announced it, “Alright Irwin!” Then came the hollers and whistling of approval. Neither of you made a move until some guy with flaming red hair came to Ashton’s aid, whispering something in Ashton’s ear. Whatever he said must’ve really done the trick because before you knew it, Ashton was walking over to you and before he got there, you were already standing eagerly waiting. You followed behind him as he lead you through the maze of house, squeezing past party-goers, accidentally bumping a few until you finally reached the “sacred” closet that had definitely been used. Ashton looked back at you before opening up the door, gesturing for you to enter first. Once you two were both inside was when the rather uncomfortable silence began to wedge it’s way between you two. It took him a minute before he finally spoke up,”W-We don’t really have to do anything you know, If you don’t want to…” He said softly as he pushed his gasses further up the bridge of his nose. You starred yet again at they boy sitting across from you, though there was plenty of space in the closet, you both seemed so close. His sweater paws made him seem even more irresistible at the moment and you got the urge to kiss him then and there, but you didn’t want to scare him off, so you had to ease into it. You leaned your face in closer, watching Ashton’s turn a shade of red, your faces now just an inch away. “Who said I didn’t want to?” You purred in his ear. As you were about to gently press your lip against his, you feel Ashton’s large hands take hold of your cheeks and firmly connect your lips, the action was unexpected but pleasant nonetheless. When you got comfortable is when things really got steamy. Ashton had full control, pinning you on the floor, without breaking the passionate kiss. His lips moved from your mouth to the lobe of your ear, nibbling it gently, it was just enough to make you release a soft moan of pleasure. You felt him smiling as he is proud of the work he’s doing on you. He leaves small warm kiss down the side of your neck but you can’t take and you guide his face back up to yours, unafraid to run your fingers through his wild curly hair. it’s not long before Ashton hands are roaming your body and slowly taking off your top. A sea of thoughts are cluttering your mind but none of them seem to matter when he cups your face with his large hand, sending a warm sensation through your body. He gets your heart beating faster as though the blood in your veins is replaced with electricity and you feel invincible, how can this be the same, dorky, adorable Ashton from school?, you thought. Both of your actions are interrupted by the closet door swinging open to reveal the same fiery-head boy from before, leaning on the door frame with a rather cocky smirk on his face. You peel yourself off of Ashton to retrieve your shirt, embarrassed to be so exposed to the stranger. Ashton turned from you to the boy, trying to figure out how to explain what had happened but all he could say was “Was that seven minutes already?”

Autumn Ashton

Requested: Yes! :D

(A/N): I hope you like this! I want an Ashton to let me wear his sweaters and take selfies with me ughghg  KEEP SENDING IN REQUESTS~Hannah xx

      In the fall would be an amazing time to have Ashton as a boyfriend. He so would be into seeing you walk around in his over sized sweaters. He would go out of his way to make sure you were wearing one. Even though it wasn’t too cold yet, he would use the slight chill to his advantage as he would constantly wrap his arm around you and rub your arm. He would take you outside and you two would rake up the leaves together. Once you had formed a huge pile, you’d be walking inside when you felt your body being flung up and into the leaves. He would giggle and leap on top of you and you would wrestle in the leaves. He would be the boyfriend to take out his picture while laying in the leaves and take a silly selfie with leaves all in your hair. He would use the season of Autumn as an excuse to start getting closer and closer to you. You didn’t know it was even possible, but he made you feel even warmer and more secure.