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Bill discovers it's Laura's birthday. Or vice versa. Whichever. (Both?)

Set between Crossroads and Guess What’s Coming to Dinner.  And thanks to presidentroslin, who came up with the gift.


“Happy birthday!”

Bill startles awake, surprised, as always, to be on the couch, and not in his rack.

Laura’s perched beside him, dressed in her dark suit, her wig on her head and a smile on her face.

Laura never wakes up before he does.

Bill rubs his face.  “What time is it?” he mumbles.

“O500,” Laura informs him, handing him a steaming cup of coffee.  He’s not sure where she got it; Jaffee hasn’t come by yet, he’s sure of it.  “I wanted to do this at midnight, but you had a shift in CIC and I was asleep when you came back.”

Laura Roslin is never voluntarily awake at this hour, and if she has to be, she certainly isn’t cheerful about it.

He sits up, untangling himself from the sheets of his makeshift bed.  “What’s going on?”

“It’s your birthday,” Laura informs him, clasping her hands together on her knees the way she does when she’s excited.  “We’re celebrating it now, before one of our days gets in the way.”

“It’s my birthday?” Bill echoes.  He hadn’t remembered; there’s been so much on his mind in these past few weeks, and, besides, as they get farther and farther away from the colonies, keeping track of dates seems increasingly pointless.

Laura smiles, and it’s a gift, to see her smile the way she used to.  She reaches for something on the table and hands him a small package, wrapped in paper.

Delegate Sarah Porter from Gemenon makes a motion to—

“It’s the minutes from the last Quorum meeting,” Laura explains, rolling her eyes.  “I couldn’t find any real wrapping paper.”

He laughs—both at what they’ve been reduced to and at the image of Laura Roslin hunting for wrapping paper—and opens his present.

It’s a razor, almost exactly like his old one, but with a new blade, shiny and unmarred.

“So you can stop nicking your face with your old dull one,” Laura explains.

It’s such a small thing, and he can’t believe that she noticed it.

He clears his throat.  “Thank you.”

Laura holds his gaze.  “You’re welcome.”

Then a knock on the hatch interrupts them; Jaffee with the coffee, Bill guesses.

Laura brushes his shoulder as she gets up and goes to her desk.  “Have a good birthday, Bill.”

He already is.

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