holy FUCKiNG Piss honEY POT ANTs.  When I made Alucard one year ago today, I never thought he would become so popular. But you all kept following and requesting more and I delivered! I adore each & every single one of you that put up with me and all the BS on this blog; but there are a few of you who deserve some EXTRA special attention.



​ — When we first met, I really admired you right off the back. Your style of writing, your icons, the complete awesomness of your muse— I was just blown away! You’ll never know how love I love and respect you and I hope we continue to be great friends/married for many years to come.  Sincerely yours, the queen.



​ —- My God, our muses have been through hell & back together haven’t they? I remember the first starter you made me, it was SO adorable but of course Alucard had to ruin it by being…well, himself. XD BUT that didn’t stop Jesus from being the caring glorious savoir he is and loving Alucard all the same. And eventually he tore away those dark walls and found the heart that Alucard thought had died so very long ago. Our otp IS LIFE and you are my sweet darling baby. Let’s always be together until the end and even after that. <3

|✰| MY BAE


We don’t roleplay as much now-a-days, what with our busy schedule and all, but you’re still really important to me and I love the flirty relationship our muses share. And you’re always so sweet to me! I totally adore you. Don’t ever change my precious cinnamon roll. 

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"You. Me. Bed. Now."

Send my muse “You. Me. Bed. Now.” to see what your character gets!

4. Sex in a public place

((Oh god XD Also *hug* I’ve missed you!))

Dagur kissed Hiccup’s lips roughly and heatedly. He was already rather excited just from having Hiccup pinned to a wall in the back section of the Mead Hall that was storage for the holiday decorations. Dagur hand quickly found its way up the front of Hiccup’s shirt, greedily touching the soft pale flesh there.


..:Never Sung This Before:..

Jack just got off of the stage, having an assistant wipe off his sweaty forehead. Hopefully, none of his fans saw the glare off his forehead. He chuckled as she seemed to walk up to his pace. He stopped walking and bent down for her. His manager clapped and grinned at him, “Another wonderful performance as always, Jackie-boy!” he chimed. “I knew you could do it!” he announced. His manager had black hair that was obviously dyed, red suit and gradient shades. He patted his back. Jack wore a vest with a tan vest on that was tattered on its sleeves. And vans on his feet. His beanie slid down a bit, starting to fall off.

Jack rolled his eyes, “Yeah, thanks, Samuel.” he replied. And glanced in the corner of his eyes. The lights from the stage shined in through the curtains and onto everyone in backstage. He smiled to see his favorite blogger. He walked away from the assistant and towards her, “Wanting an exclusive interview with me?” he asked as he tucked his hands into his skinny jeans.