Albert stood at the restaurant where he was instructed to go to by his secret admirer.  He figured standing out side by the street instead of right near the door would be best as to not block the entrance.

He had been standing out side for quite a while. Since it wasn’t to cold, he didn’t mind but he hoped they’d arrive soon.

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"You. Me. Bed. Now."

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4. Sex in a public place

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Dagur kissed Hiccup’s lips roughly and heatedly. He was already rather excited just from having Hiccup pinned to a wall in the back section of the Mead Hall that was storage for the holiday decorations. Dagur hand quickly found its way up the front of Hiccup’s shirt, greedily touching the soft pale flesh there.


..:Never Sung This Before:..

Jack just got off of the stage, having an assistant wipe off his sweaty forehead. Hopefully, none of his fans saw the glare off his forehead. He chuckled as she seemed to walk up to his pace. He stopped walking and bent down for her. His manager clapped and grinned at him, “Another wonderful performance as always, Jackie-boy!” he chimed. “I knew you could do it!” he announced. His manager had black hair that was obviously dyed, red suit and gradient shades. He patted his back. Jack wore a vest with a tan vest on that was tattered on its sleeves. And vans on his feet. His beanie slid down a bit, starting to fall off.

Jack rolled his eyes, “Yeah, thanks, Samuel.” he replied. And glanced in the corner of his eyes. The lights from the stage shined in through the curtains and onto everyone in backstage. He smiled to see his favorite blogger. He walked away from the assistant and towards her, “Wanting an exclusive interview with me?” he asked as he tucked his hands into his skinny jeans.