o31. soundless bond

yamasaku (Yamato and Sakura), quiet, au

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It was a game they played together, a game that no one else truly understood. Sitting beside each other, they spoke no words. Nothing at all. Merely sat within each other’s presence, enjoying one another in complete silence. 

It had occurred when she sat first herself down at the park bench he had occupied. Shyly taking a seat, she offered a kind smile — one that he slowly returned as he gave a nod of acknowledgement. And just like that, they would continue to read their own books, enjoy their own day at the park. 

The duo wasn’t sure how this was ever established into a habit, but that’s what it became. It had been once a week at first, that they would meet here. She would sit down and give her usual sweet smile and vice versa. Then, she would open up her medical book, or perhaps, start on a crossword puzzle. 

He, on the other hand, would be reading through paperwork, or even the newspaper. Two different lives that coincided in the most accidental manner.

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Dan continued toying with the ring on his finger as he stared at the blank screen, the flashing cursor taunting him and his stupid writer’s block. You would think he would have something to write about what with all the supernatural crap running amok in Beacon Hills, but in all honesty he hadn’t been able to write anything since he had first found out about it all. Well sitting here isn’t going to do jack, he sighed and shut off his laptop and headed for the kitchen, having just finished microwaving some popcorn when he looked up and saw Jenny heading for the door. “Hey!” He called out to her and ran around the counter with bowl in hand, “Where do you think you’re going?” He grinned and popped some popcorn into his mouth and continued on before she could speak, “…That was a trick question by the way, you’re staying here and watching cult classic with me whether you like it or not.”

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