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Four times
Last night
I was on the visitor’s side
And I know you felt it
Deep end
Three A.M.
And if it rings again
I think I’m gonna break it
Again again

Don’t start telling me
Love is a symphony
Point that phone at the floor
Sure, you can fire anyone else in our neighbourhood
Haven’t we’ve been through this before?

That’s my bedroom door you’re kickin’

For star sanity
Trapped on a memory
Trapped under water and coal
We drift like refugees
Tossed ‘round-roughly
And scream at the border control
It’s easy (It’s gonna break)

Just start kickin’

Don’t start telling me love is a symphony

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Müsadenizle şu şarkıyı Haziran ayının benim için 1 numaralı şarkısı ilan ediyorum. İlan edeceğimi bilsem bir 2 numara olmazdı ama birazdan 2 numara da gelecek. Ama bundan sonra her ay bir adet ayın şarkısı seçmeye çalışacağım. Fazla değil, hepi topu ayda bir şarkı.

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I love this kid! He effortlessly displays a bass cover of one of my favorite super groups.



Although Archer may have recently eclipsed the Adult Swim amazingness that is The Venture brothers, there’s only one secret agency for me –it’s the S.H.E.I.L.D/G.I.Joe/Village People hybrid that is the Office of Secret Intelligence.

Although their claim to be super-secret is somewhat undermined by their flamboyant costumes, two-fisted tactics and extremely camp theme tune, they’re still great (and very, very funny).

Anyway, this is from Astro Base’s T-shirt club from season three – basically sign up and you get a different T-shirt every week that the show airs, and believe me it was a tough choich between this or the Molotov Cocktease Biker gang shirt –maybe I’ll share that in the future.

I also took these pics in a toilet, so I’d look like I was a spy hiding out in the cold or something…

Right –sing along!

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First think of a name
Try to keep it the same
All day
Now go over your lines
And get in the character
Now open an eye
Nice try
Put a foot on the floor
One more
'Cause we're going live in 5…
Get in the character

I was thinking we could walk on water
And still find reasons to swim inside
Now I’m worried there’s a bigger wave
Just behind this one
I was thinking there’s a bigger wave
Just behind this one