@realjonghyun90: Came back home after a long time, my mom and older sister were having this cold tension..I asked what happened and when my sister was watching Inkigayo, she was all ‘Mom, isn’t Shinhwa so cool?’ and because my mom gave a dry response she got upset, went into her room and locked her door ㅋㅋㅋ

To see mother and daughter arguing by the door was so cute, I told my sister I talked about her to Shinhwa-hyungs when I gave them my CD, and she got happy and opened the door. But I guess my mom was upset during the fight because she started tearing up.
Because she was so pretty I hugged her tight, gave her a kiss and told the story of what happened after I delivered the CD

I was going to give them the CD but I met Minwoo-hyung and Hyesung-hyung in the hallway first. And Minwoo-hyung asked “Hey wasn’t your sister Hyesung’s fan?”….
And I thought, my sister…”Oh…she’s Jin-hyung’s fan…!” 
And they said “Oh…really…?” and then they both just left…

I’m sorry Pilkyo-hyung….
My sister is a fan of everyone…
I was flustered in the moment and made a mistake…
And she said she also registered for the 10th SHCJ…
I love you Shinhwa!! And SHCJ!!

My sister just screamed “How good is ‘wa’(Junjin’s solo)!! How cool is he!! It’s hard to come out as a soloist, to achieve your personal goals and to make your own stage!! Our Jinnie-oppa is the best!!”

trans cr. peelkyo

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