i hate your guts | forrest and landon
  • Landon had talked to his tour manager ages ago, having Forrest's band open up for his own. and honestly, he could easily say that he bated the way forrest acted for the most part and in his opinion, worst then Gavin. a sigh left his lips once he had cleaned himself up after reversal, bumping into Forrest and stared at him for a moment. "sup asshole?"

This is a shitty attempt at re-introducing myself to all of you, but okay.

I’m Chris, I’m 22 years young, and I write lyrics and then sing them for a band called Never Shout Never. I also play a number of instruments, too. I love the outdoors, creatures of every kind, and good coffee. I smoke too much for my own good, and tend not to wear the shoes I purchase. I’m nice so long as you’re not annoying and too up close in my personal space.

You can contact me on my new aim: c.hristofer