PLEASE help us Kiwi Swifties bring taylorswift and her 1989 world tour to New Zealand! I will promote and follow back, everything and anything to get her to come to New Zealand :) All you have to do is REBLOG and/or like P.S My parents are HUGE TS fans so it wouldn’t just be for me and the rest of the NZ Swifties but also for my parents :)


The reason I didn’t post yesterday was because I was too busy waiting in line for their autographs before the Auckland show >:) They were amazing in person and on stage. It was the perfect day.

This picture was taken by me in Cornwall Park, Auckland. Seems a little haunting so I thought It’d fit in.


In 2011 New Zealand Label “Stolen Girlfriends Club” turned public supermarket isles into a runway.

"For 6 minutes New World Supermarket at Victoria Park (Auckland) was taken over by twenty models treating each aisle as a catwalk, and the public were the inadvertent guests to the ‘Untitled’ show."

check out the video here. follow stolengirlfriendsclubofficial on tumblr