New Zealand’s biggest worries at the moment are that our terror threat went from very low to low, that chocolate milk is selling out so fast that some supermarkets have to have security guards for it and if we should or should put up a giant Santa and if this doesn’t say something about us then idk what does.

Five rad comedians nominated for the Billy T award this year - Eli Matthewson, Hamish Parkinson, Nic Sampson, Tim Batt and Matt Stellingwerf. I’ve improvised with the first three and can confirm they are rad, have see Tim and he is also definitely rad, and Matt I have not seen or heard but I can assume that he is also rad based on the company he keeps. 


I’m sad that of the 22 Billy T applicants, only 2 were women. I’m sad the people who are ready to make that next step into the big time of comedy are such a homogenous group - five white dudes.  

I absolutely believe these dudes are totally deserving of their nominations. And I don’t presently intend to advocate for a lady’s spot (or any kind of *insert marginalised group here* spot but for now I’m talking about ladies) or a quota or anything. What I want is a concerted effort to evaluate and improve the experience we’re giving women at all stages of the comedy industry - where/when are we losing them? How are we making them welcome in the comedy space? How are we supporting them in their development? How are we making things hard for them? How are women represented in the top levels of comedy? On TV? On stage? What are we tolerating that we should be getting rid of? What challenges do women have that men don’t? 

Things like All Jane No Dick are awesome initiatives but it can’t change the comedy world on its own. There’s no quick fix. It requires systemic change and development. Let’s all get on board, eh? More awesome comedians = more awesome comedy for us to enjoy.