[Update] About the "We Want NEWS" Project ! -----> Dai seikou~

Hello again ^___^

It’s just a simple update about the “We want NEWS” petition which turned out to be  a supportive message to the boys (as HERE), the project was really amazing for many reasons,and I’m so proud of all the hard work you did guys ♥,NEWS Fans Seiko  hontoni ~✿,you are really so loyal,loving & strong..NEWS are so lucky to Have such fans ♥



pic credit to fuckyeahgyoza@tumblr

As we promised ,We successfully sent your signatures (which was 1 page for messages + 8  pages for the signatures XD put in medium brown envelope for documents) to the address of Johnny’s family club + the e-mails of the radio shows for kei-chan,Massu & shige  on time  last 15 October 2011 ^___^  !!

for more info & some Statistics please check out this link here :