Guys, this is big! For six months, our colleagues down the hall in the Media Preservation Unit have been keeping a secret (They couldn’t even tell us! We were dying over here!), but now the news is out and we are so excited to share it. 

Our very own Paula De Stefano, Kim Tarr, and Ben Moskowitz were all part of a project to restore a film once thought to be lost: The Grim Game (1919), starring famed illusionist Harry Houdini! Paula, Kim, and Ben worked with film preservationist and producer Rick Schmidlin, NYU professor and composer Brane Zivkovic, Turner Classic Movies, and many many others to bring this film back from obscurity.

You can read more about the film’s discovery and restoration and its upcoming screening at the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival in March. A New York screening and a TCM network airing of the film are also in the works for later this year, so stay tuned here for updates!


In light of recent events, the Black Student Union at NYU organized a Die-In within the heart of the university, Bobst Library. While we were laying down we received multiple taunts such as “Get up, don’t you have finals?” “Do you have to do this now?” Or “Just because you have more melanin doesn’t make you an activist” . They also tried to confine us within a box for “fire safety” but we did not care! We ARE NOT ANIMALS to be caged in because you feel uncomfortable! Fuck your privilege. Our people are getting murdered and we want our voices to be heard! We demand the administration and the president to HEAR US. We want change! We laid there for 45 mins in solidarity, blocking all exists and elevators. I think the best thing I heard was from a girl that was laying in front of an elevator. She said “Look who you have to step over and kick to get where you need to be!” BLACK LIVES MATTER, and the world needs to know that.

Help an Immigrant Trans Woman Afford Grad School

The short and sweet version is this: I’m a Queer Trans Woman trying to pay for Graduate School. I’ve been Admitted to NYU to study Mechanical Engineering. If I can’t afford it, not only am I not able to attend school, I would have to leave the country as well, since my F-1 visa is only valid whilst in school. Supporting me is supporting Queer and Trans people in STEM and also helping a Trans Woman stay in the only place she’s ever been able to call home.

The long version goes like this:

 I’ve been living in the US for five years, I did my Undergrad here. I realized I was trans here. I made the best friends I’ve ever had here. After college I moved to NYC to start my transition. I’ve now been on HRT 3 months and am presenting as my gender full time.

When I moved I thought I’d be able to go on Optional Practical Training (a Work permit for International Students) and get a job to finance my transition. When I was denied OPT, I had to adjust my goals until reaching the point where I’m willing to do anything just to stay. I was planning on taking a couple years before attending Grad School, but I pushed that forward in order to stay in the country.

I applied to the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering for the Mechanical Engineering program. I applied under my name and gender, despite not having yet changed them legally, and I got accepted! However, now I may have to be forced not to attend due to lack of funding.

  As an International student, any form of Federal aid is barred from me, including Fafsa and Federal Student Loans. A large number of non-federal forms of aid are also barred or available at increased difficulty, for instance, I’m trying to obtain a private student loan, which is often easy for Grad Students, but I’m required to have mine cosigned by an U.S. Citizen of which I know none with good credit.

 All the money donated will be used to pay for tuition. The current goal will only cover one semester. If the campaign is successful, I may raise the goal to cover other semesters. It is a 2 year (4 semester) program.

Please, consider donating anything you can or at the very least signal Boosting. I would like to reiterate that, for me, going to school means more than continuing my education and adding to the lacking Queer presence in STEM. It also means survival, since New York, for all its issues, is the only place I’ve ever felt safe and welcomed. It’s a feeling no one should ever have to give away.


Thanks to New York University’s Fales Library the journals of multimedia artist and social activist David Wojnarowicz have been digitalized and made available to view in full online. Containing personal tales of the unsung hero’s travels across Europe and America and correspondence with those he became associated with alongside the developmental processes of his art and film work, the catalogued pages are dated from 1971 to 1991 shortly before the artist’s own death from an AIDs related illness in 1992.

The artist was known to be the lover of photographer Peter Hujar (most noted for his photography of American actress Candy Darling on her deathbed) before his death from AIDS complications in 1987, after which the Wojnarowicz’s work became heavily concerned with and driven by the social and legal injustices inherent in the response to the AIDS epidemic, summed up so succinctly a jacket worn by the artist at a demonstration emblazoned with the words “If I die of AIDS – forget burial – just drop my body on the steps of the F.D.A.” [the American Food and Drug Administration at the centre of controversy surrounding the mismanagement of responses to the AIDS epidemic].