Janet Mock will be at Equality & Justice Day!

If you are a New Yorker, and you support transgender rights, join us at the state Capitol for Equality & Justice Day on April 30th!  Whether you are transgender/gender non-conforming, family, or an ally, you are welcome to rally for Transgender Equality!

Right now in New York State, it is totally legal to discriminate against someone because of their transgender status, in regards to housing, employment, and public accommodations.  We are fighting for the Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act (GENDA) to be passed, which would make it illegal to discriminate against people because of their gender identity or gender expression. 

Marriage equality had it’s day.  Now it’s time for transgender people to get their rights/needs met! 

Janet Mock will be there, as well as many other presenters.  E & J Day is an incredibly day to take part in.  There will be workshops, caucuses, lobbying, lunch (yum), and a rally.  There is a fee (check out the site), but you can apply for a scholarship if money is an issue.  If transportation is an issue for you, there are buses coming from all different parts of the state. 



The “T” in the LGBT acronym has been forgotten & pushed to the side long enough.  Help us push GENDA across the finish line & get some protections for ourselves & our loved ones!

Please register at the above links to help fight for our equality! 


Well, originally I was gonna wait to see if the nys tumblr was gonna post this, but apparently the peep who runs it only visits it like once a month, so I figured I might as well just do this on my blog.

So yeah

Video Games.

Fuck ABC’s Nightline special.

Fuck extremist clickbait articles.

Fuck the total lack of respect for consumers.

Fuck the industry that thinks it can hide behind a wall of purity by claiming that anyone who disagrees with them or criticizes them is a misogynist.