Tim Schafer has shown anti-GamerGate’s true colors. 

For all they like to cry about how they stand up for social justice and trying to give women a voice in a male dominated industry, they would readily mock and belittle any woman or minority who dares disagree with their narrative. 

He thinks everyone in the #NotYourShield hashtag is nothing more than a sock puppet. Funny, every time someone says something like that they get this as a response. 


Every one of these people are apparently sock puppets for straight white men according to people like Tim Schafer. The arrogance of anti-GamerGate is astounding. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. 

Anti-GamerGate loves to say listen and believe. Every time a woman or a minority says that they were harassed by gamers it’s “Listen and believe! Listen and believe!” yet whenever a woman or minority comes out and says they aren’t harassed by gamers, that they love gaming and the industry and that gamers have treated them well because all gamers really care about is that you just play the game it’s all “sock puppet” this and “fake gamer girl” that. 

These people are absolute hypocrites. Plain and simple. This is why the industry needs GamerGate and the NotYourShield project. Because these hypocrites shouldn’t be able to continue throwing gamers under the bus without facing any sort of consequence. 

If all goes well, this will haunt Tim Schafer to his grave. It’s time for gamers to stand up and show Schafer that they won’t accept that bullshit. I for one will never buy another game by him if this is what he thinks of my fellow gamers. You are free to do as you wish but I’d encourage you to do the same. 

Not Your Sister

Knowledge and support network for feminist WOC and their allies.

Growing up as a woman is not easy; but when you add brown? Queer? A lil punk? It is seemingly impossible.

Jam and I grew up in predominantly white communities, in predominantly white families. We were so submerged by our oppression that we didn’t even realize it was there until a good twenty years had passed us by. Once we discovered Tumblr we realized our stories weren’t uncommon. It was kind of like, wait you’re telling me your group of (white) friends actually reduced your personality to a cookie, too? We didn’t fit the molds we were expected to, but our failed efforts to try and blend in really boiled down to “my hair really doesn’t work like that.” Or - as hard as may I try, I’ll never be white. Because I’m not!

Only through discussion, critique, and most importantly visibility have we begun to feel not only comfortable in our identities, but powerful. I can say with absolute certainty that Tumblr has been a crucial part of facilitating that growth.

In the past year or so, we’ve been doing a lot of learning and unlearning. Thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to do that side by side with PoC and our allies from all across the world who would we never have had the chance to learn with and from before. This space is for important words, books, stories, selfies and everything in between. This space is for us.

xo, Tanisha + Jam