It took me three weeks to read [Life and Fate] and three weeks to recover from the experience, during which time I could barely breathe.

—Linda Grant, “A Book that Changed Me,” on Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate,The Guardian online, August 26, 2014

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Cell phones are banned from public schools in New York City and students must store them in trucks outside the school during the day. The business of storing cell phones takes in around $22,800 a day, from students paying a dollar a day for storage. Francine Prose talked to students about the situation when she visited a high school in the Bronx recently.

"Why, the students asked, are the students in more prosperous neighborhoods unofficially allowed to ignore the ban, as long as they aren’t caught? And why are the poor kids in the eighty-eight New York schools that have been equipped with metal detectors forced to spend five dollars a week—an expense that, for some, means going without food?"

Why Are Poor Kids Paying for School Security?

Photo: Students lining up to pay for cell phone storage near New York’s Washington Irving High School, September 27, 2012 (Tina Fineberg/AP Images)

In the last thirty or forty years, the writer has become someone who works on a well-defined career track, like any other middle class professional, not, however, to become a craftsman serving the community, but to project an image of himself (partly through his writings, but also in dozens of other ways) as an artist who embodies the direction in which culture is headed. In short, the next big new thing. A Rushdie. A Pamuk.

It’s rather as if the spontaneous Romanticism of the nineteenth-century poets had become a job description; we know what a romantic is (his politics, his behavior patterns), we know that is the way to literary greatness, so let’s do it.


The Writer’s Job by Tim Parks | The New York Review of Books

Is this essay as important to everyone else as it feels to me?

The brush of a single tentacle is enough to induce ‘Irukandji syndrome.’ It sets in twenty to thirty minutes after a sting so minor it leaves no mark, and is often not even felt. Pain is initially focused in the lower back. Soon the entire lumbar region is gripped by debilitating cramps and pounding pain—as if someone is taking a baseball bat to your kidneys. Then comes the nausea and vomiting, which continues every minute or so for around twelve hours. Shooting spasms grip the arms and legs, blood pressure escalates, breathing becomes difficult, and the skin begins to creep, as if worms are burrowing through it. Victims are often gripped with a sense of ‘impending doom’ and in their despair beg their doctors to put them out of their misery.
How far will the Red Bull Revolution go?

By Chris Freestone

Germany, or at least part of Germany, has stopped to watch. The Bull throws his athletic, muscular frame between the enemy and the ball, touches the ball out of reach, and with explosive power and elegance that belies such a powerful beast, he ghosts past two more and stabs the ball goalwards. He may have been isolated, but luck is on the Bull’s side as an opposition defender inadvertently nods the airborne ball inside the near post and past the hapless goalkeeper, undoing ninety-five minutes of hard work. The lone Bull wheels away in victory, joining the awaiting herd of Bulls as they charge towards the sudden explosion of raucous applause emanating from the sea of white and red. The roar of the eleven on the field can be heard above the wall of noise coming from the stands as if in tribute to the scarlet Bulls adoring their shirts. Glory will be returning to Leipzig this fine day.

RB Leipzig would go on to add another, from the penalty spot in the second half of extra time, ensuring the overall victory and promotion to the third tier of German Football for the latest addition to Red Bull’s football project. RB Leipzig, along with FC Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls, Red Bull Brasil and Red Bull Ghana make up Red Bull’s portfolio of football teams, giving Red Bull a foothold in some of the biggest football markets across the world. Red Bull, the energy drink manufacturer founded in 1987, have a massive presence in the sports industry, having founded popular sporting events such as Flugtag and Red Bull X-Fighters (and many, many more extreme sporting events all over the world), in addition to owning numerous sports teams including EC Red Bull Salzburg (an Austrian Ice Hockey team) and the very successful Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing (and its sister team Toro Rosso). Having ‘conquered’ the extreme sports world, football seemed to be the logical next step; the immense following and truly global reach of the beautiful game provided the moguls at Red Bull with the perfect backdrop to take their business empire to the next level.

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