I can’t see Yukimura with girls unless it’s 1) the nurses for crack lulz or 2) genderbent Sanada “Tsuruko” 弦子. lol

I like the idea of Yukimura being a total perv since tsundere Tsuruko is so easy/fun to tease. She’d be strict and severe but brought up like a proper lady by her traditional family! She wears her hair in a pony tail and has big boobs and a great ass. >:3 Yukimura is both a tits and ass man. lmao.

I like these two in any combination except I like the yuri and het combinations so much better than normal YukiSana. :V It’s like… SanaYuki > yuri YukiSana > any het combination »»»»»»» YukiSana (not preferred lol) 

Yuri YukiSana is soooooo relevant to my interests. They remind me of Shizuru/Natsuki, my favourite yuri pairing. haha U_U I want to draw it too~ 

Yanagi and Kirihara - Nyotaika


I like both AkaYana and YanaAka in all shape; BL, crossgender, and even GL. As long as it’s Akaya and Yanagi, I don’t care who’s the top and who’s the bottom. Lately, I really like to imagine one of them as female; crossgender, or it’s called nyotaika in Japan. As for tenipuri fandom, it’s called nyotapuri.

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