Get to know me: [5/5] Favorite Movies Star Trek & Star Trek: Into Darkness (2009 & 2013)

There will always be those who mean to do us harm. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil within ourselves. Our first instinct is to seek revenge when those we love are taken from us. But that’s not who we are… When Christopher Pike first gave me his ship, he had me recite the Captain’s Oath. Words I didn’t appreciate at the time. But now I see them as a call for us to remember who we once were and who we must be again. And those words: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Her five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

dont date a girl who reads. date a girl who speaks. date a girl who translates ancient literature and alien languages. date a girl who can bluff her way through a parallel universe. date a girl with exceptional aural sensitivity and an unparalleled ability to identify sonic anomalies in subspace transmission tests. date nyota uhura.

» ladies of the reboot.
While they were shooting, J.J. Abrams invited me to lunch and invited me to come to the set. I was so excited. The surprise he had going was that the young woman playing Uhura didn’t know I was coming. She just gasped.
As J.J. had planned it, she didn’t have to shoot, so we sat for two hours and talked, and it was as though I had known her all her life. I was so honored. I thought I was seeing myself — I knew I was in good hands. She just picked my brain.
When I see her come on, that’s me and I’m living it. A little ways into the movie, I realized she had taken to heart what I said and became more reserved and tighter. I’m so proud of her. She took a role that was established and gave it life.
Now I know who I was before I got on that ship for that first mission. It’s so exciting for me and rewarding. J.J. and she did me honor.

Nichelle Nichols about Zoe Saldana playing Uhura in the reboot (x)(x)


get to know meme:  [2/5] favorite female characters

Nyota Uhura:  “Personal log, Stardate 7615.1. It doesn’t seem like a year’s past since we restored our normal timeline. As I conclude my last entry as captain, my thoughts are not on that single grain of sand we might disturb accidentally, but on the fact that we are endowed with free will and can choose ideas that can either lead to deadly consequences or to joyous rewards. So truly, our destiny lies not in the stars, but within ourselves.”