The Nyoi-Bo

This artefact is a staff that has existed since ancient times, and can grow and shrink at the wielders whim. It was used to connect Karin’s Tower to Kami-Sama’s Sanctuary. Karin was to give the staff to someone worthy of meeting God.

Karin gave the staff to Muten Roshi, after he pleaded him for it. Karin did not think him worthy of meeting God, but had resigned to the idea that no one worthy would ever come. Muten Roshi later gave the staff to Son Gohan (Sr.), who passed it on to Son Goku.

Son Goku used the Nyoi-Bo as a weapon during his childhood, and even used it to transport people as far as the moon. After his battle with Piccolo, Goku used the Nyoi-Bo to travel to the Sanctuary so he could ask for the Dragon Balls to be restored. The Nyoi-Bo was never used again after this, and remained connecting the two structures.


Hunter X Hunter Chapter - 349

In this war for succession 14 Princes of Kakin will officially compete for Kinghood at the moment the long whistle has finished blowing, the 14 people regardless of gender are known as princes (9 males & 5 females) and must be legal children of King Nasubi Hoikoro and his “legal wifes” (8 wifes). Each prince will preform the traditional Kakin Rite of the “Egg Inside The Pot” which in summery the princes borrow a special power from the pot & without them noticing they begin to harbor inside them a ~Spirit Beast~ that protects them. Back at he Hunter Association Mizaistom uses Kurapika to find truth in a interrogation regarding Beyond, we also get a confirmation from Kurapika that when Saiyu explained powers ~See-Not Monkey, Hear-Not Monkey & Say-Not Monkey~ which when applied successfully they steal the sight, hearing & speech of the target and he proceeds to beat them with his ~Nyoibo~ was the truth. They plan to arrest him right before arriving at the New Continent but they fear conflict among the Zodiacs due to Mizaistom’s means of gathering secret information on them to out a spy with little evidence from a “Novice”. A new problem arises when 6 request made by princes to hire body guards guarantee passage to the voyage to Hunters who were eliminated…