The BOLD & BEAUTIFUL Carolyn Yapp

Carolyn Yapp 2009 Ms Jamaica Universe and owner of Nylorac Beauty bar is one Bold and Beautiful Woman. Raised in Montego Bay Jamaica Carolyn broke ground with her extreme beauty, brains and creativity.

Carolyn Yapp photographed by Valon Thorpe

At just 27 years old (yes I know right, 27!) Carolyn firmly believes that everything does in fact happen for a reason, take for instance her 1st runner up placement in the 2004 Ms Jamaica World pageant. Phased not Yapp went on to of course being crowned as Ms Jamaica Universe 2009 and joyfully fulfilled her ambassadorial duties. After handing down her crown to her successor Yendi Phillips, Carolyn opened the doors of Nylorac Beauty Bar in february 2010 and have not looked back since. Her creative nature gave birth to the most relaxing and fabulous cosmetic store Iv ever seen.

Carolyn and her assistant Daniel Alexander combined with the great energy flowing through Nylorac made my JN card shout “use me use me please!”. Resisting temptation I went on to ask about the affordability of the products offered there. She explained to me the added expenses to get the products into Nylorac from the States is what makes the prices appear high. All in all the convenience of having the creme de la creme of beauty products all under one roof is more than bang for your buck. I can’t really put my finger on it, but Carolyn has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about her.

She’s extremely approachable and pretty real. With nothing but mascara on and in a simple black cropped top with her horse shoe Tiffany & Company necklace she oozed simple elegance. Taken aback by how comfortable she made me feel I forgot for a second that she was a Queen. The conversation ended with a smile and sigh of relief from me. I left thinking I had just made a friend in what seemed like the most beautiful woman in Jamaica.

Rashade Saint Patrick

Lifestyle Journalist 

Five things I like about myself

5 Things I Like About Myself
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1. I’m a steadfast pal
2. I have an extensive vocabulary 
3. Hablo mas que una lingua 
4. I lost over fifty pounds since last winter.
5. A guilty pleasure of mine but something I do like about myself nonetheless - I have an extensive knowledge about astrology/zodiac signs. 


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