everyones talking about shipping the japanese guy and the translator and the whole never seeing a cow thing…but no one’s talked about that one guy that practically orgasmed at math


i was challenged by the lovely akingandthepawn

here are a few pics that make me feel beautiful

1) this was from january where we practically had a second winter break. my dad took this pic of me mid-throw and that laugh is genuine :)

2) this was taken last year at our local ice skating rink and my friend told me to pose as if we were skating hella fast haha. i just thought this was corny and cute, and i miss him a lot

3) junior ring dance!! we took a selfie with our principal before going inside

4) i did my own makeup (wow me doing makeup?!) before my senior portraits and i felt accomplished, so i decided to take a selfie lol

5) i rarely take those “model/smoulder like” selfies so i felt the need to document it lol. this picture just makes me feel fierce like bitches can’t touch me haha

i challenge yeahkatielouise mousesturtle handgunsandhomicides lala-lyndsey chunkychopz lucid-pariah beaversnothome and jazzmannn cuz you’re all damn beautiful


man of the world (piano cover)

this is one of my favorite pieces because it always makes me so emotional. i actually cried the first time i heard/played this. enjoy :)


my thoughts


i’m a hopeless romantic

but the feeling’s not mutual.

these butterflies

they fly. they lie.

deserve to die.

i try to catch them

but my net just gets caught.

i need to stop.

my butterflies are unrequited

but hers aren’t.

go catch her butterlies.

here, i’ll even give you

my net.

will you be my sanity?
will you be my conscience
when i decide against following my own?

you the eyes of the hurricane
and i am the deadly force that
encircles the calm
like a python gently cutting air from gasping lungs

you are the ripples that slowly flow ashore
and i am the hands of the vengeful moon
that rip you from the land
and toss you back into the rocks
but keep begging you to come back