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Music video for Twice by Little Dragon and promo for short film “Dreams from the Woods” directed by Johannes Nyholm

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Little Dragon - Twice

Woman Playing Piano (1922). Arvid Nyholm (Swedish, 1866–1927). Oil on canvas. M. Christine Schwartz Collection.

The young woman’s casual disregard of our gaze invites us to feel as at home in the scene as the artist himself may have felt. Indeed, this work may portray one of his own daughters, Agda (or Agate), who was twenty-five in 1922, may have been the auburn-haired beauty playing the piano. 

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Probably the funniest movie I’ve watched on YouTube in a while. Literally LOLed.

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas (by johannesnyholm)

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Divertido, bien hecho, esperando el corto completo

Reading By the Greenhouse. Arvid F. Nyholm (Swedish/American, Impressionism, 1866-1927).

In Chicago, Nyholm began painting portraits within the local Swedish-American community, but he quickly gained a wider reputation for his portraits and for figural works, for which family members posed; he also painted landscapes. In 1907, he traveled to Paris for further study at the Académie Colarossi and visited his former teacher Zorn in Sweden.