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Once you get this message you must give five random facts about yourself and pass it on to your favorite 10 followers~

Thank you :)

1. It’s very hard for me to speak about myself, I usually prefer to hear other people speaking about themselves. That would explain why it will take me 20 minutes to answer to this message haha

2. I procrastinate a lot. I have always procrastinated a lot … that’s why I’m hardly trying to do my essay for one of my course, I have until tomorrow morning to finish it but right now it pisses me off so I’m taking a tumblr-break. The best part is when I have finish this one, I have another to do for friday \o/

3. I’m obsessed by windy weather. I’m quite happy since I’m back home because the weather is shit but there’s no better sound than the sound of wind. Right now there’s a little storm and it’s so enjoyable.

4. I like very much traveling and I’m considering again the possibility of living in a new country next year. I like a lot to move each year and discover a new city/country but I don’t want to go somewhere because of my studies, I really want to visit and live in a place a different way now.

5. I like animals and currently I have this weird wish to get a goat… I think I will wait until this summer before getting one but the fact I like to move a lot is a problem every time I want to adopt an animal :/

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May I just say, your use of prose in both the German and English language is by far one of the most creative ways I've seen the languages used. I know it was widely used back in the day, but for somebody in today's time to continue the art of prose is quite humbling and honestly amazing! Your writing is great and you have much talent, do continue to bless us with your work! Cheers for the link btw! Have a great evening/day wherever you are located.

Thank you very much, this is so nice to hear. I am very happy you enjoy my writings, it really means a lot. 
Have a great evening/day as well!

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The Spirit of the Hawk is with us. 

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Let's have a virtual fika :D *pours you coffee* hope you are enjoying your winter season in Sverige! Have a good evening! :)

Hahaha aw!!! What a lovely idea!!! :D *accepts coffee* Thank you! It’s dark and finally it’s snowing again! Ahw, I hope you have a lovely evening, dear! c:

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I assume you enjoy the company of like minded individuals, that you are passionate about your dreams and that you value nature to the fullest extent!

Oh, those are some interesting assumptions, dear. I do enjoy the company of like minded individuals, but I also enjoy the company of different minded individuals. In that way you get to see the same thing from many different perspectives and might learn something you haven’t thought about before.

I wish I was passionate about my dreams, but unfortunately I wouldn’t call myself that. :/ But I do value nature, it’s one of the best ways to sooth any kind of ache. c: