Creative People You Should Know: SEAN DUNNE

While covering the Clearwater Music Fest on Sunday, I met NYC director Sean Dunne. He is a talented individual who stands out in the new wave of film making and it is his unique perspective on subjects which set him apart from contemporaries. His previous work, The Archive was selected to Sundance and received a nomination for an Emmy. This guy’s got creativity running through his veins. His current project, Oxyana, analyzes Oceana, a coal mining town in West Virginia, completely controlled by Oxycontin. Listening to his pitch, I was instanty interested, for the truest art is raw; often times unnerving. (My mind always reverts to music: CSNY’s “Ohio,” Nirvana’s “Polly,” Dylan’s “Hurricane.”) “Who’s doing the soundtrack?” I asked. “John McCauley of Deer Tick and Johnny Corndawg,” he said. 

This is going to be good.

PAY IT FORWARD: help Dunne and his team out with their kickstarter so they can head down to Oceana and film. Every dollar counts. Plus, benefactors are rewarded. Prizes include posters, DVD’s, tickets to the NYC private screening + after-party, a trip to Gathering of the Juggalos and even your name in the film’s rolling credits. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

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