A Favorite Author. Poul Friis Nybo (Danish, 1869-1929).

Nybo studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, then continued his education at Zahrtmann’s School.

Nybo painted warm lamplight interiors, winter and sunset landscapes. He traveled to Sweden with other artists, to Berlin, Norway and studied in Paris in 1905 and again in 1907-08.

Interior with Woman Reading. Poul Friis Nybo (Danish, 1869–1929). Oil on canvas.

This painting is typical of Nybo’s works where he depicts primarily single female figures in simple interiors with a variety of light sources. Here the woman reads at a plain table adorned only with a tablecloth and lamp. She sits in a wooden straight-backed chair and has only the soft lamp light to illuminate her book. 

School project: Radio Station

I’ve had a number of small UDK projects for my college classes. One of these early projects was to lead a four person team in creating a small playable short story set in a post-apocalyptic world. We chose to make our story about getting a radio station up and running.  The team members for this project were William Holland, Kyle Nybo, Michael Ruiz, and myself, Ben A.M. So, we used our first initials and called the radio station WKBM.


I was in charge of the basement as well as overall world handler. In order to keep everyone on track and not stepping on each others toes, I created a Persistent map that links each of our four levels together and set up everyone’s boundaries. I also quickly set up entrance and exit points on each of our maps. Each map would have a start point where the player has to start out and an end point where the player needs to be by the end of their map. These are all strung together without and loading screens. 

Half of my time was spent managing the team and the other half of my time was spent creating the basement. We were all pretty new to using UDK, so much of what I was doing was a first.First time using AI gun turrets. First time making cutscenes. First time importing new 3D models. 


Here your goal is to run to the back and turn on the generator, then use the catwalks to get back around the gun turrets. 


I also had to set up a fair amount of Kismet. That was actually the most enjoyable part to me, and I loved hopping into Skype calls with my teammates to help them with their kismet as well. Kismet is UDKs visual scripting tool that helps people with limited programming skills like myself get knee deep into the scripts and make custom actions and events. It can get complected when you look at it, but it’s all easily understandable after a while. 


Zoom out!


Hundreds of little commands make our maps an interesting little story to play through. And this is just the kismet for my basement area. 


This was a fun little map we put together. We were all pretty new to UDK and only had three weeks to put it all together. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but still very playable and quite interesting to look at.