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this is kind of late i think eh

1. tammy, tsun-chan, little tsun, queen sparkie, sparkie, oreo, trash

2. dark brown

3. really dark brown everyone tells me no ur hair is black but no it’s dark brown you gotta see it in the sun to tell

4. i play flute (and i’m 1st chair heh)

5. oooh turquoise i really love turquoise

6. anywhere at home or at like a restaurant or starbucks

7. um i really don’t have one

8. i can’t choose between sharks, cats, or guinea pigs they’re all too cute!!!

9. my fave song atm is latch by disclosure but it changes a lot like one day i’ll be like omg i love this song but the next im like oh this song is gr8 i love it

10. i could go on and on and on about my favourite books i have too many but i like the perks of being a wallflower, the harry potter series, and the matched series

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5 NICE THINGS CHALLENGE! once you get this you must publicly say 5 things you love about yourself. Send this to 10 of your cutest followers, YES YOU ARE A CUTIE DON'T DENY IT NERD

but fine

1.i cosplay cool characters

2.my hair is curly and cute

3.the fandoms I’m in are cool (except Homestuck. that just sucks)

4.i like hats

5.i sleep a lot which is good.