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( [] _ [] )- Isaiah "nyaaaaaa" his ear flinched when she said that oh man looks like he has to. "i-i guess y-you are r-right" he then takes off his shirt then shyly undo his pants if his blush could get darker it would

Karin chuckled and let him continue. He was such an adorable person. She blushed as his pants came off and he stood in his boxers. She looked at him and smirked. He had a pretty decent body. “Hey there, sexy” she smirked.

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N-nyaaaaaa~ *his leg kicks and stretches out* chaaaaar! /)//w//(\

*Chuckles and lays down next to the Mander, wrapping an arm around him* Merry christmas dear uwu 

Fix, dsni kami para maniak film disiksa…….
Filmnya bgniaaaaaan smuaaaaaa !!!!
Ga ada film bule nyaaaaaa !!!! with Suci – View on Path.