The West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA’s), mission is to promote, develop and celebrate Caribbean culture, arts, history and traditions of the Islands through year-round programming.

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NY.Coming visits Paint and Poetry

On Saturday July 28th your new journalist (Dana Jae) and your beloved founder (Nia Taylor-Benn) decided on a rainy Saturday night to find something spicy but yet flavorful to get into. I was very eager to attend this lively and epic event called, Paint and Poetry which Nigel Guscott had invited NY.Coming to attend. Now for those of you that are completely unaware, Paint and Poetry is a event thrown every month and it was started sometime last January by its fun & fiery founder Mojo Disco. This guy Mojo is the bomb dot com and his light and airy personality is the back bone of every successful Paint and Poetry event. Not to mention his two amazing hosts, Nigel Guscott and Cristal Joshua whom were able to keep the crowd roaring with hoot’s, hollar’s, shout’s, clap’s, laugh’s and finger snap’s.

The event is originally a college based environment but what they didn’t know was that they had two high schoolers amongst them. There were so many beautiful people with awesome God given talents. If you’ve ever attended this event and left it without feeling inspired… You my friend, are completely insane! There were emcee’s, poet’s, singer’s, rapper’s and all different kinds of artist’s in the building. Not to mention the amazing art all around the room. What I loved most about the atmosphere was that every performer in that room had a unique kind of spark and spunk to them, each one of them viewed the world in a completely different light than the next which was enlightening to both Nia and I because when you get the opportunity to be in a room full of all these creative and positive minded people you get to witness something extraordinary.

The people, the performances, and the positive art and energy are some of the many reasons why you will not want to sit at home and miss the next Paint and Poetry event. Last night Mojo said something that stuck with me: “The difference between an emcee and a rapper is that a rapper will give you a feeling that will only last until the song is over but an Emcee will move you. They will make you feel the actual feeling of what they are saying, leaving a lasting impression.” So I want to personally thank Nigel Guscott and everyone that he introduced me to which were all so humble that night. Also, I want to give a warm thanks to Mojo Disco for being the founder of such a beautiful and successful event such as Paint and Poetry. Oh and trust me, this event WILL hit the big screen one day. How could I forget “Oh, Rihanna” !

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