I know most say you shouldn’t rely on people in life because they will let you down and somehow it sets you up for failure. I, on the other hand rely on people because when I feel alone I need to talk about it. I need to feel love and support. When I need perspective I call @jla321 A woman who has been through it all, yet never complains when she has every reason to. She gives me strength when I feel knocked down and used up. She shows me that everyday we have a choice to choose our attitude and she chooses to be positive.
When I need growth and to be challenged, I have @akrieger11 She pushes me everyday to be a better me. Ali encourages me to talk about the hard conversations that we all dread. I can be vulnerable in these moments and she protects me. She helps me understand my worth and most importantly holds me accountable.
When I need love I call my grandmother. The rock of my family; the glue. The woman who gives everything and expects nothing in return. She has a heart of gold and she has taught me what it means to be a woman. She has taught me the power of love. The responsibility that comes along with it. I understand what love is because of her and I hope to love with every part of me as long as I’m walking this earth. #IfYouFeelTooMuch @twloha @jamietworkowski ™@ashlynharris24

Seattle head coach Laura Harvey has a load of respect for Rodriguez and is starting to really hate facing her. ‘She is quick, she’s clever, she plays on the wrong side of the defenders a lot and then gets herself back onside just in time,’ Harvey said of Rodriguez. ‘We know this about her and we know her traits, but it’s difficult to stop. When she is on form, in my opinion there is not many better than her, and she is quickly becoming the biggest pain in my life.’

When asked about Harvey’s comment, Rodriguez flashed her second big smile of the press conference and replied, ‘She just told me that I was a pain in her ass outside, which I laugh about. We are on good terms and I am happy to be that.’

‘And she very quickly becomes one of the most important people in my life,’ Andonovski was quick to add.

—  Thad Bell, The Blue Testament (x)

Ali taking about going to the World Cup, Nwsl, Washington Spirit and more…